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Nissan Officially Kills Our IDx Dream

Posted by Stephen On Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

Nissan IDx Concepts

It’s a sad day.

Remember the Nissan IDx concepts we originally saw a couple years ago at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show?

At the time, Nissan told us that they were definitely going to make the cars as long as enough fans got behind the design. They didn’t specify a production date or anything like that, but they did make two different iterations of the concept – the Nissan IDx Freeflow Concept and the IDx NISMO Concept.

Nissan IDx Freeflow Concept

After the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, the automotive blogosphere went wild. Everyone loved these two retro sports car concepts. Just as Nissan intended, they “exemplified Nissan’s fresh approach to contemplating car design and kindled a fire in the hearts of people fond of the good old days of high-performance cars.” Nissan didn’t even try to build hype for the cars; there was no pre-show teasers or press campaigns or anything like that. The two concepts literally showed up in Tokyo out of nowhere and charmed the world.

Then, two months after the cars were shown in Tokyo, Nissan officials came out saying that they’d heard the loud praises of their fan base… They virtually promised that there would be a production model coming from the two concept cars. In our coverage, we optimistically hoped to see some sort of prototype in the first half of 2014.

And yet, here we are.

Nissan IDx NISMO Concept

At the beginning of this year, Nissan told us they still had the IDx cars on the table, but that they were “shifting priorities” to volume cars. Now, we’re almost halfway through 2015, and Nissan has finally come out and admitted that they will NOT be developing production models from the IDx Concepts.

The news comes from an interview between The Truth About Cars and Nissan NA’s VP of Product Planning, Pierre Loing. In the interview, he lamented, “The IDx is an interesting project; a show car that received good reception. But, to go from concept to production, the reality always kicks in.”

Indeed it does, Nissan. Indeed it does.

Apparently, the problem is that both IDx Concepts were designed and developed for a compact rear-wheel drive platform… Something that neither Nissan nor their sister company, Renault, currently have available in any of their production models. Or at least, not in a size small enough for a low-displacement coupe. They have several front-wheel drive platforms available, and the much larger platform they use for the 370Z, but that would require a total redevelopment of the IDx models.

That means that the only way the IDx can happen is if Nissan devotes substantial resources to developing and manufacturing an all-new platform for a car that, sure, the public loves, but ultimately wouldn’t sell in any real volume. Just look at the likes of the Scion FR-S… It’s a great little sports car that had great reception, but three years after its launch, sales are already starting to wane.

Be sure to pour one out for the officially axed IDx sports car this weekend.

Japanese Car Auction Find – 2009 Nissan Fairlady Z NISMO

2009 Nissan Fairlady Z

If we can’t have a new IDx retro car, we can at the very least celebrate the sports cars that Nissan does have available. Although the GT-R is probably the first Nissan sports car that pops into most folks’ minds, the Fairlady Z has been a long-time favorite as well.

2009 Nissan Fairlady Z rear

As you can see, the Fairlady Z (aka. the 370Z) certainly isn’t a retro-styled car, but it still looks great and drives great too.

2009 Nissan Fairlady Z interior

This particular find is for a 2009 MY and has been tuned up by NISMO. It’s also in pretty good shape with an overall rating of 4. You can get more details from the auction sheet translation below.

2009 Nissan Fairlady Z auction sheet

Interior B, exterior B, Nismo Version, first registered October 2009, six-speed manual gearbox, AAC, one owner, Carwings compatible navigation system and digital TV, half-leather seats, original 19 inch alloy wheels, power steering, power windows, ABS, airbag, intelligent key, pushbutton starter, original CD, reversing rearview camera, seats scratched, wheels scratched, door mirrors scratched, front windshield scratched, interior grime and scratches, minor scratches and minor dents, marks as per map

Next-Gen Nissan 370Z May Get Multiple Engines

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

2015 Nissan 370Z NISMO

For most of this year, we’ve been wondering what would happen under the hood of the next-generation Nissan 370Z, which we’re likely to start seeing concepts for starting next year. In an interview with Australian auto-blog CarAdvice, Nissan VP Roel de Vries hinted that multiple engine options were all but guaranteed. Apparently, multiple engine options – instead of only the 370Z trademark V6 – will help with increasing global appeal:

“Can you sell a V6 in Europe? No. Does that mean the next Z will have a V6 [in that market]? No, of course we are not going to do that,” he plainly explained. “[At the same time] there’s still an audience that wants a six-cylinder engine, so why should we give it up? That’s all part of ongoing studies.”

According to the interview, we can expect that the next-gen V6 will at the very least be offered with a turbocharged four-cylinder in addition to the 3.7L V6 that currently powers all 370Z models. There is also a chance that we will see Nissan offer an entry-level Z with a naturally aspirated four-cylinder as well.

Of course, with multiple engine options, Nissan would have to rethink the Z’s nomenclature. The 370Z is named as such because of its 3.7L engine; the name denotes the displacement. Same with the 350Z before it. So, what will Nissan call a Z model with multiple engine options?

De Vries explained, “We [will] definitely keep the Z name, but when we did 350 to 370 it was because of the capacity, but who says the next-generation doesn’t have three engines and it’s not just called the Z?”

Personally, we’d love to see the Japanese market’s Fairlady nomenclature adopted internationally, but that’s probably wishful thinking. Speaking of…

Japanese Car Auction Find – 2013 Nissan Fairlady Z NISMO

2013 Nissan 370Z Nismo

Today’s Japanese car auction find is a natural follow-up to news of the next-gen Z… A current-gen Fairlady! And as you can see, this is no normal 370Z we’re looking at but a 370Z NISMO.

2013 Nissan Fairlady Z Nismo

That means you’ll get a NISMO-tuned suspension, that huge rear spoiler you can see above, and NISMO-themed black and red trim throughout the exterior and interior (below). Those dark chrome alloys look particularly appealing, in our opinion.

2013 Nissan 370Z Nismo interior

This particular Fairlady Z NISMO is up for auction through Japan’s AucNet, so there isn’t the normal auction sheet to translate for you. Instead, you can see a detailed representation of the car’s exterior condition below. From the images above and the diagram below, it’s easy to see why this pristine find is rated at a 5.

2013 Nissan 370Z Nismo auction sheet

Nissan 370Z NISMO Makes World Debut at ZDayZ Festival

Posted by Stephen On Saturday, May 17th, 2014

Yesterday Nissan released previewing a brand-new NISMO debut to be unveiled today. Even though they only released a single darkened image, the context of the teaser allowed us to deduce that the new car would be a Nissan 370Z NISMO. Turns out, we were right.

Check out the 2015 Nissan 370Z NISMO sports coupe below:

2015 nissan nismo 370z front

Looking at the new 370Z, you can see why Nissan would want to present it to their devoted fans attending ZDayZ… It’s like a special ‘thank you’ for all their support. And what a gorgeous coupe it is! When it goes on sale in July of this year, it’ll also be available in Solid Red, Brilliant Silver and Magnetic Black, but you can understand why they chose to make the debut with the pictured Pearl White. That classic NISMO color-scheme is so refined – it’s a perfect fit for the slew of changes coming for the 2015MY. Which, of course, begs the question as to why this is not one of the standard option color schemes.

Let’s start by reviewing the exterior changes for the new 370Z. Seeing the full image, you can really tell just how much the new NISMO’s front fascia has been changed. The grille is larger, deeper and hexagonal; the splitters and front vents have been re-sculpted; there are new LED running lights. From the rear view (below), we can see that the rear fascia has also seen significant alterations with larger C-vents, sharp red piping, and a slightly toned down rear spoiler. The 370Z NISMO also gets new 19-inch RAYS with a stylish twin-five spoke design and a gunmetal gray machine-finish.

2015 Nissan Nismo 370z rear

All these aesthetic changes do more than make the sports coupe look good, though. They also provide distinct aerodynamic benefits, with the new front and rear spoilers in particular having a measurable effect on downforce. All-around, the new NISMO version of the Fairlady Z looks a lot more like the GT-R’s little brother (or sister, as the case may be).

Moving inside the 2015 370Z NISMO (below), the enhancements continue. Chief among them are the new NISMO-styled black-and-red Recaro leather seats with Alcantara accents. Again, these suave new seats have improved functionality, allegedly developed by Recaro to “provide more uniform body pressure and better all directions holding during spirited acceleration, braking and cornering. They also play a key role in providing driving excitement by maximizing the harmony between driver and machine.” In other words, these seats can make all your problems go away.

2015 Nissan 370Z Interior

In addition to the more heavily NISMO-themed interior, there is a new 370Z NISMO Tech trim package. As the name suggests, it comes with a host of cutting-edge technologies such as the Nissan Navigation System, a 7 inch VGA touchscreen, RearView Monitor, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, and a booming Bose Audio System to top it off.

Unfortunately, the one thing that the 2015 370Z NISMO won’t be getting is a new engine. When the sports coupe goes on sale in a few months, it will only be available with the same admittedly-still-very-powerful 3.7L DOHC V6 with 350hp. However, you can now choose between a 6-speed manual transmission and a 7-speed automatic, and the suspension has been refined with new struts, dampers and a 4-wheel independent suspension.