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Mitsubishi Attrage is Production Version of the Concept G4

Posted by Stephen On Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Last month, Mitsubishi unveiled their Concept G4 at Auto Shanghai 2013. Shown alongside many impressive concepts from other Japanese car manufacturers, our coverage of the G4 was limited to a brief snippet laced with general frustration with Mitsubishi. But, just like the car wreck that you can’t look away from, I couldn’t resist following up on the G4 when Mitsubishi unveiled the concept’s production version yesterday. To be released in Thailand later this year, the new Mirage-based sedan will be called the Mitsubishi Attrage.

Mitsubishi Attrage

Perhaps it’s my unbelievably low expectations for Mitsubishi, but to me this car doesn’t seem that bad. It looks very generic, but generic is markedly better than ugly. It looks like the Concept G4 didn’t lose very much on the way to production, which is good. The car looks modernish, but not too flashy, which is exactly what Mitsubishi was aiming for. That said, I know that others like the design a lot less than I do.

As far as practicality, there are some benefits that could potentially make the Attrage stand out. According to Mitsubishi, the Attrage has excellent visibility and maneuverability, making it well-suited for city driving. In addition, Mitsubishi claims that the Attrage is the roomiest car in its class, which is certainly a noteworthy perk if it’s true.

Specs-wise, the Attrage is identical to the Mirage. It’s fitted with a 1.2L MIVEC engine and either a 5-speed manual transmission or an automatic CVT. Mitsubishi claims that the exterior styling gives the Attrage a very impressive 0.29 drag coefficient, which allows the car an incredible 62mpg. This stat in particular makes me a bit more lenient with the exterior design, since this car really isn’t targeted towards people who care about looks; it’s for people who care about saving money.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, the Mitsubishi Attrage will launch in Thailand later this year… July, to be specific. We don’t know when Mitsubishi’s new “next-generation global sedan” will make its way to international markets, nor do we know if “Attrage” is the name it’ll keep worldwide.

Even though my stance towards Mitsubishi has been relatively forgiving in this article, I’m still pessimistic about the Japanese brand’s future. Being $9 billion in debt, they still have a long ways to go. But, if they can make it through the next 10 years, then their focus on developing markets in Southeast Asia will hopefully begin to pay off. Whether the Attrage contributes to that investment or takes away from it, only time will tell.

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Wrapping Up Auto Shanghai 2013 – Suzuki Authentics and Mitsubishi G4

Posted by Stephen On Friday, April 26th, 2013

Now that Auto Shanghai 2013 is coming to a close and all the new cars and concepts are bordering on old news, we’re going to wrap up our coverage today by tying up loose ends. If you look back at our Auto Shanghai Preview Primer published last week, you’ll see that we still haven’t discussed the Mitsubishi Concept G4 or the Suzuki Authentics Concept. So, those new cars are what we’ll cover today.

Suzuki Authentics Concept

Suzuki unveiled their sleek new Authentics Concept at Auto Shanghai with a flashy press conference, complete with dancers and metallic, color-matching sheets. We’d already discussed this car before it was unveiled, anticipating a fairly standard sedan with nothing too impressive about it. However, now that we’ve seen the full design I have to say that my expectations are surpassed. The Authentics Concept makes me feel like “standard” isn’t such a bad place to be – the design is elegant, classy and more refined than the over-the-top concepts put forth by other Japanese automakers in Shanghai.

A little more information about the Authentics Concept… It’s officially confirmed for production by the end of next year, and will likely feature powertrain arrangements similar to the new SX4. You can watch a video for the Authentics below:

Speaking of the new SX4, we’d seen the new second-generation version last month in Geneva, but Suzuki also unveiled a refreshed first-generation model that will continue to be sold in China along with the new one.

Mitsubishi Concept G4

Unfortunately, the reveal of the Mitsubishi Concept G4 left me feeling much less fulfilled. I had low expectations for the Mirage-based sedan, and they were wholly unsurpassed. Although, I have to say that I like this car more than I like the Mirage… I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, though.

Now, looking at the G4 Concept we’ve seen at Auto Shanghai, you may be saying, “Hey, this isn’t that bad, look at all those cool lines and lights!” But, remember that this is a concept… The production model will be much more drab. Just like with the actual Mirage, the only possible upside of the G4 is fuel efficiency and a very low price.

Perhaps most aggravating to me is the sheer pointlessness of the Mitsubishi Concept G4. I just don’t see a good reason for this car to exist. Mitsubishi is a struggling brand; they need something new and exciting and, most importantly, profitable if they want to stand a chance. Targeting bottom-of-the-barrel drivers with these bare-bones, profitless vehicles just doesn’t make sense to me. Sure, they’ll sell, but they won’t make money.

Either way, that wraps up our coverage for Auto Shanghai 2013. There were several cars that we didn’t get to cover like the new Infiniti QX50, but you can only cover so much with one blog post per day. Considering that Toyota alone brought 50+ vehicles, I feel pretty good about what we got through.

Thanks for reading and come back next week for more Japan car news!

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Mitsubishi Concept G4 Mirage-Based Sedan Coming to Auto Shanghai 2013

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

For those of you who don’t know, the Auto Shanghai 2013 motor show is this weekend from April 20 to April 27. As such, we’ll see several new previews this week for what different automotive manufacturers will be bringing to the show. Today we’re going to be talking about Mitsubishi and the Concept G4 saloon that they’ll be bringing.

First, though, we should make it clear that the Mitsubishi Concept G4 will NOT be making its debut in Shanghai, contrary to what you might have read today on AutoCar. The G4 made its original debut last month at the Bangkok Motor Show. But, being that Bangkok is a rather small event and coverage was limited, it would be understandable if you missed it.

Mitsubishi G4 Concept

So, with that slight issue out of the way, what’s the scoop on Mitsubishi’s new concept sedan?

As you may be able to tell, the Concept G4 is heavily influenced by the Mitsubishi Mirage, which is to go on sale in the US later this year. The G4 study is more or less a Mirage sedan, which becomes much more obvious when imagined without all the blue tints and design frills seen in the show car. The G4 is even built on the same RISE chassis (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) as the Mirage, and will use the same 1.2L 3-cylinder MIVEC engine paired with a front-wheel-only CVT.

So, what separates the G4 from the Mirage other than its classification as a sedan?

Actually, not that much. The show car in Mitsubishi’s released images looks extremely distinctive, but at its core it has very similar design elements to the Mirage. An abbreviated front clip, large doors, and a straightforward linear design all define both the Mirage and the G4. Furthermore, both cars place a heavy emphasis on interior space and back-to-basics features.

Similarities between the Mirage and G4 aside, Mitsubishi emphasized that one of the most appealing characteristics of the new sedan is its light-weight design. They say that as a light-weight vehicle with a short nose, the sedan will offer drivers “agile and pleasing” driving dynamics.

Unfortunately, the G4 will require spectacular driving dynamics if it’s to do well at all, since the overwhelming response to the G4 has been negative. People just aren’t all that excited about the Mirage, and a sedan version doesn’t make things any better. The Auto Shanghai show car looks good, sure, but the plain version you’ll see on a showroom floor will likely look bland. Put simply, Mitsubishi needs to do something different to stand out from the crowd, and instead they’re just doing more of the same.

Whatever you think about the Concept G4 pictured here, you’ll have to wait until Auto Shanghai to formulate a final opinion, and even then the production model could have some slight changes.

For anyone who’s interested, Mitsubishi will also be bringing their CA-MiEV Concept to Shanghai, but regular readers here have already seen it from Geneva. Either way, stay tuned later this week and next week for more coverage of the exciting Auto Shanghai 2013 International Motor Show.

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