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Here’s the New Datsun Go+ MPV to Launch Alongside the Go Hatchback

Posted by Stephen On Friday, September 20th, 2013

It seems that Datsun is officially here to stay, as just earlier this week Nissan’s most newly launched sub-brand debuted their second new car – the Datsun Go+ MPV.

It was at the very beginning of the 2012 that we first heard whispers of Nissan bringing back their economical marque, Datsun. Then, in July of this year we finally got our first peek at the Datsun Go hatchback.

For those of you who don’t know, the DAT-GO was the original Datsun vehicle from years and years ago. Appropriately, Datsun is rising from the dead with a vehicle named after the original. And now, the Go is getting a twin.  Without further ado, here is the brand new Datsun Go+ MPV:

Datsun GO+ MPV

As you can see, what we have here is a budget-friendly MPV which will nicely complement the smaller Go hatchback. The Go and Go+ are barebones vehicles that will launch in Indonesia, India, Russia and other “high-growth markets”, so you shouldn’t judge them by their parent brand’s more upmarket offerings. The Go twins are aimed at a very specific segment of customers who want “attractive styling, an accessible price and – above all – an engaging driving experience.” At least, that’s what the re-launched brand’s VP, Vincent Cobee, had to say.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know very much about the Go or the larger Go+ other than these images and the most minimal of powertrain information. What we know is that both vehicles will feature a 1.2L petrol engine and a five-speed standard transmission… And that’s it. But, if the video below is any indication, then they’re going to be REALLY fun to drive!

Obviously, we know that both vehicles will be available at a very economic price tag.  The figure we’ve heard thrown around is that Datsun wants to launch both vehicles below $8,700. We already knew that Nissan wanted to claim 10% of the market share in India, and it’s hoping that the Datsun Go and Go+ will help it get at least halfway there. In other words, they’re hoping that one out of every 20 MPVs or hatchbacks sold in India during 2014 will be a Datsun. Certainly a lofty goal, but not unattainable if the cars drive as well as the marketing material would have us believe.

Both vehicles will be available in their respective “high-growth markets” at the beginning of 2014 .  It seems likely that we’ll see production models at an auto show some time before then, but at the moment we really don’t know much more than that. We’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds, but until then, thanks for reading!