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Japanese Car Auction Golden Week Schedule 2015

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Late April and early May is the Golden Week holiday period in Japan. The schedule below shows you which auctions are running on what days, and also what days our offices will be closed. (Click image to enlarge).

Car Auction Schedule for Golden Week 2015

Japanese Car Auctions Golden Week Schedule

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Japan has a series of public holidays right at the end of April and the start of May that together are referred to as Golden Week. During this time, many people take time off and companies close for business.

At least, this is what would be happening during a normal Golden Week. After the recent earthquake disaster, things will be a bit more subdued – which I am sure is not really good for the economy. Anyway, the car auctions have decided their schedules so here is an update on the few auctions that will be running next week:

May 2nd – JU Tokyo

May 3rd – No auctions

May 4th – No auctions

May 5th – No auctions

May 6th – NAA Tokyo, JU Sapporo and IAA Osaka

May 7th – No auctions

Just to reiterate: The auctions mentioned above will be operating on these days. Any auction not mentioned will be closed. The biggest auction house (USS) will be closed for the whole week.

Normal schedules will resume from Monday May 9th.