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Here’s the 2016 Lexus GS F Performance Sedan

Posted by Stephen On Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

2016 Lexus GS F at Detroit

This week we continue our coverage of the 2015 Detroit Motor Show with the all-new Lexus GS F performance sedan. This is the sixth car in Lexus’ lineup to receive the “F injection”, and we have to say this is the best one yet. To see – and hear – the new GS F for yourself, check out the video below:

When we’d first seen the Lexus GS F in previews, we questioned whether the car would be able to stand out from its European competitors. However, after seeing the car in the metal at Detroit, we’ve realized that sort of thinking isn’t really productive…

2016 Lexus GS F side-front view

See, the Lexus GS F isn’t so much about being the best super sedan on the market; it’s about combining core Lexus values in a way that resonates with a generation that was previously unreachable for the premium Japanese automaker.

“Our F brand products are distinct in their execution with an application of technology in tuning to help create cars that elevate speed, heart rate and adrenaline,” Jeff Bracken said, who is the president and general manager for Lexus.

2016_Lexus_GS side-rear view

Bracken went on to say that the F version of the GS and the other F models are targeted at a demographic that’s as much as 12 years younger than the standard versions of those cars. Since Lexus hasn’t announced pricing yet, we’re hoping that we’ll see a price tag that innately makes the car more appealing than its higher-powered European competitors.

2016_Lexus_GS interior

Not that the GS F is weakly powered by any stretch of the imagination – with a naturally aspirated 5.0L V8 capable of outputting 467hp and 389 lb-ft of torque, it’ll definitely be firing up its fair share of adrenal glands. Plus, Lexus revealed that they only hope to move around 1,500 or 1,600 GS F sedans per year, so it really is just as much about portfolio coverage as profit potential.

You can click here to learn more about what Lexus has done to set the GS F apart from the regular GS, including a detailed rundown of aesthetics and interior amenities. Or, you can read Lexus’ official press release.

Japanese Car Auction Find – 2008 Cadillac CTS

2008 Cadillac CTS

Today’s Japanese car auction find isn’t a Lexus, but rather one of their competitors. It’s a 2008 Cadillac CTS sedan. This would’ve been the first model year in the second-generation of the CTS, and features a 3.6L V6 with 263hp and 253 lb-ft of torque. So, not enough to rival today’s GS F, but certainly enough to give anyone a good time.

2008 Cadillac CTS auction find

You can see that the car’s exterior speaks for itself; Cadillac has always had knack for capturing that “European feel”, and that’s just as clear here as ever.

2008 Cadillac CTS interior

The interior isn’t quite up to what you might expect from a Lexus, but leather upholstery and all your standard premium amenities mean you won’t be left wanting. For more information, keep reading below the auction sheet:

2008 Cadillac CTS auction sheet

“Grade 4, interior B, first registered December 2008, CTS 3.6 model, ABA emissions code, official dealer left-hand drive import, 2008 model, spare key, original alloy wheels, power steering, power windows, leather, original navigation system, airbag, spare key, service book, seats worn, interior trim scratched, minor interior grime, alloy wheels scratched, left front bumper corner offset, light scratches on roof, stone scratches on bonnet, other marks as per map”

Top Japanese Cars Coming to the 2015 Detroit Motor Show

Posted by Stephen On Saturday, January 10th, 2015

The 2015 Detroit Motor Show opens doors next Monday. It’s the first major automotive event of the new year, so it’s a big one for enthusiasts everywhere. As you continue reading, we’ll quickly review every Japanese car you should look out for at the show next week.

2016 Acura NSX

2015 Honda Acura NSX

Perhaps the most highly anticipated car coming to the show, Japanese-made or otherwise, is the next-generation Acura NSX supercar. And this won’t just be a concept either, but a full-fledged production-spec model ready for dealership floors.

However, while you might assume that we know a lot about it because it’s a production model, the exact opposite is true. All we have are four darkened teaser images, similar to the one shown above, and a vague statement by the supercar’s chief engineer and project leader, Ted Klaus:

“After three years of intensive development work we are excited to reveal this next-generation supercar — the Acura NSX — to the world. We’ve developed a human-centered supercar that responds to the will of the driver and that builds upon the NSX heritage.”

The one thing we do know is what will lie beneath the hood. Acura promises a twin-turbocharged sport hybrid powertrain with three high-performance electric motors to help deliver power to the wheels. Other than that, we’ll just have to wait and find out next Monday.

2016 Lexus GS F

2016 Lexus GS F

Even though the Lexus GS F is also an extremely high performance model that will make its official debut in Detroit, for some reason there’s markedly less excitement for Lexus’ amped up saloon than the Acura NSX. Perhaps it’s because we’ve already seen a full suite of teaser images, thereby removing any mystery from the reveal…

Or, perhaps it’s because of the car’s naturally-aspirated 5.0L V8 engine with 467hp, which is borrowed directly from the Lexus RC F. Obviously, 467hp is a ton of output by any normal standards, but not when compared to the GS F’s competitors. The BMW M5, the new Cadillac CTS-V and the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG all offer anywhere from 100 to 200 more horsepower, with the best of the bunch being Cadillac’s 640hp 6.2L V8 behemoth, which can zoom from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.7 seconds.

2016 Lexus GS F two-tone interior

Still, the new GS-F should not be counted out. Because of Toyota’s expertise with carbon fiber thanks to their previous LFA project, the car comes in at 200 to 500 pounds less than competitors, which means it can go faster with less power. Plus, it’s reported to continue the trend of truly top-notch driving dynamics from Lexus. On top of that, Lexus has once again proven their prowess for designing interiors, as you can see in the image above.

Infiniti Q60 Concept

2016 Infiniti Q60 Concept Preview

The next car to keep an eye out for, which we covered just earlier this week, is the new Infiniti Q60 Concept. You can read more about the upcoming concept here, but the short version is that this low-riding coupe is expected to compete with the BMW 4 Series with a plush interior, class-leading aerodynamics and probably the same 3.0L V6 engine that we’ve seen in the Infiniti Q80.

2016 Nissan Titan

2016 Nissan Titan spy shot

Finally, a non-sports car! Both Japanese pickups have remained relatively under wraps compared to the sports cars above, but the one thing we know about Nissan’s new Titan is that it’ll be powered by a custom-developed 5.0L V8 Cummins diesel engine. In order to appeal to the patriotic pickup niche, Nissan has put a heavy emphasis on the fact that their pickup is 100% American-made… Conceptualized in California, developed in Michigan, road-tested in the deserts of Arizona and built in the Midwest of Mississippi.

2016 Toyota Tacoma

2016 Toyota Tacoma

Alongside the Nissan Titan will be another new Japanese pickup truck, albeit a smaller mid-sized model, to compete with the likes of Chevy’s new Colorado and the new GMC Canyon. Again, Toyota has remained completely tight-lipped about the new model, but we do know what it looks like thanks to the numerous photos leaked ahead of the reveal.

We’ll find out exact powertrain specs when doors open next week, but we’re setting the bar pretty high after Toyota boldly claimed that the new Tacoma will be “better in every way” than the previous generation, which they point out was the best-selling midsize pickup for the past 10 years.

Other Possible Japanese Cars Coming to Detroit

Now, there are a couple other Japanese cars that aren’t totally confirmed for debut at the 2015 Detroit Motor Show, but that we highly suspect will make an appearance. Those cars include:

2016 Nissan Maxima – We know that the new Maxima will come sometime in “early 2015”, and all initial reports lead us to believe that Detroit will be that time. The car should showcase Nissan’s new design language, along with a more spacious interior and a possible new hybrid powertrain borrowed from the new Pathfinder.

2016 Lexus RX Facelift – The other Japanese car that we expect to see – but can’t absolutely guarantee that we will – is the facelift for Lexus’ 2016 RX crossover. Again, we really know nothing about this other than the fact that Lexus promised two new cars at Detroit, and this is the only other likely candidate.

Either way, you can clearly see that the 2015 Detroit Motor Show is going to be a big one for Japanese automakers. The three major Japanese brands each have multiple new cars making debuts, so you’ll definitely want to stay tuned next week to get the full reveal for each of the cars above.

Until then, thanks for reading!

New Lexus GS F Saloon Teased Ahead of Detroit Debut

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

2016 Lexus GS F Teaser 1

Just as we’re starting to wrap things up before Christmas and New Years, Lexus has given us one last irresistible teaser to share. They haven’t given us any details, so we don’t have an official identity for this new sports car that will be shown at the 2015 Detroit Motor Show. However, as you continue reading you’ll learn what these teasers likely preview, and what you can expect to see next month in Detroit.

Lexus had already told us to expect not one, but two new sports cars to make an appearance at the Detroit Auto Show. So, we were already expecting to see something like this… Now we just have to narrow down what this specific teaser could preview. Fortunately, the automotive media is largely in agreement – this is a preview for the new Lexus GS F, a high-performance saloon that’s expected to hit the market later next year as a 2016 MY. The version we’ll see in Detroit will likely be 99% ready for production.

The new GS F – if that is, in fact, what it ends up being – will be the latest addition to Lexus’ sporty F lineup, which currently contains the RC F and IS F. The new GS F saloon will likely contend with cars like BMW’s M5, the Audi RS6, the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and Cadillac’s new CTS-V.

Under the hood, we expect Lexus to port in the same 5.0L V8 that’s used in the RC F coupe. That means we can expect something around 500 hp, although it’s likely that Lexus will tune-up the engine for the larger, mid-sized GS F. either way, we’re sure the car will deliver jaw-clenching performance on the track.

2016 Lexus GS F Teaser 2

Now, we’ve actually seen a few unofficial spoilers for the new GS F. Spy shots were released earlier this year of a thought-to-be Lexus GS F prototype. These teasers we’re seeing now mostly fit with the spy shots we’ve seen earlier this year, but it does appear that Lexus has updated the headlights with a slanted three-cluster design. We can also make out a very aggressive pinched grille with an enormous front airdam.

Finally, we also expect Lexus to totally overhaul the mechanics of the regular GS with a tighter suspension, better brakes and performance tires, along with a generally more aerodynamic (and therefore sportier) design.

Either way, this is definitely a car that you will want to stay tuned for at next month’s 2015 Detroit Motor Show, which opens doors on January 13.