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Japan Car Auction Finds: Hummer H2 Bling Fest

Posted by Stephen On Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Let’s imagine you live in Japan. Japan imports all its oil, so petrol prices are high. Japan’s streets are narrow with tight corners. And you can’t go anywhere without spending at least half your time waiting at red stop lights.

What’s going to be the least appropriate car for these kinds of roads? Yes, a Hummer H2. The H2’s 6 liter engine uses more fuel than a whole fleet of Priuses. And it’s sheer size will not only have cyclists pedaling away in fear — buildings are going to be in danger of demolition too!

So if you’re going to drive an H2 in Japan, why not get the most outrageous bling-tastic gold monstrosity like this one in the Japanese car auctions today?

Hummer H2 front
Hummer H2 rear
Hummer H2 interior