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Infiniti QX30 Concept Fully Revealed Ahead of Geneva [VIDEO]

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Infiniti QX30 Concept

The subcompact crossover segment has been a veritable gold rush for automakers all over the world. Its profitability seemingly came out of nowhere. In the beginning, only a few automakers – and even fewer premium automakers – had anything to offer in the segment. However, today we have an explosion of premium compact crossovers to choose from, such as the new Buick Encore, Audi Q3 and Lexus NX.

In 2016, we will add Infiniti to that growing list of automakers with an offering in the hotly competitive segment, and this soundless B-roll video shows us a conceptual take of the car that will get them there:

Although it’s a bit dry, this behind-the-scenes look at the Infiniti QX30 Concept gives us a full preview of what to expect when we see the car in-the-metal at the Geneva Motor Show. And we have to say that after seeing this, our expectations are high.

Infiniti QX30 Concept roof

Not only is this a great looking compact crossover, Infiniti looks to have done an excellent job of defining their specific brand image with this new concept. It’s the perfect mix of modern, sporty and fluid, like it’s moving even when standing still. At the same time, the double-arch grille and heavily sculpted body give it that slight quirky appeal that also set the Nissan Juke apart from the rest.

Granted, we already had some idea what the exterior of the Infiniti QX30 Concept would look like due to the previous teaser and the fact that it borrows its design language from the Infiniti Q50…

Infiniti QX30 Concept interior

However, this is our first time seeing the interior, and to say it stands out is an understatement. We love the color scheme that Infiniti has infused into the cabin with rich chestnut brown and cobalt blue being the primary colors, and neon purple and silver chrome serving as accents.

We don’t want to spend too much time nitpicking the QX30 Concept since we’ll have a lot more to talk about when it hits the floor at Geneva, but if you’re anything like us, you’re excited!

In the meantime…

Japanese Car Auction Find – 2011 BMW X1

2011 BMW X1

One of the longest standing members of the premium compact crossover segment is the BMW X1. Even still, as a 2011 model year, this would have only been the second year that the X1 was in production.

2011 BMW X1 sDrive 18

This particular Japanese car auction find is a BMW X1 sDrive 18i with a 2.0L engine outputting 150hp and 148 lb-ft of torque. With the sDrive, you’re going to get a rear-wheel drive vehicle, and it’s got a beautifully sleek design and stands as the smallest model in BMW’s lineup of SUVs.

To learn more, keep reading below the auction sheet:

2011 BMW X1 auction sheet

“Interior B, first registered December 2011, sDrive 18i model, AT, ABA emissions code, power steering, power windows, ABS, airbags, model year unknown, RHD, front windscreen scratched, stone chips in front windscreen, interior grime, seats wrinkled, light scratches, exterior paintwork, rust on muffler and suspension, marks as per map”