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BMW has Best April Fool’s Jokes of 2011

Posted by Stephen On Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

April 1st is the time of often elaborate pranks, and it is not a surprise that cars can often be the subject. This year it is BMW who have really pushed the boat out with a couple of clever and amusing pranks.

BMW M3 Pickup Truck

This one is particularly elaborate, after all BMW actually built the vehicle and then went to the trouble of sending it out to the Nurburgring for “testing” – and to be spotted by the inevitable spy cameras. Of course, all this build up increased the credibility of the joke. And if you check out the reaction online, it looks like a few people have actually been fooled by this one.

And if Ferrari can make a hatchback, then a BMW pickup truck does not stretch the bounds of credibility quite as far as you would think.

BMW M3 pick up (pickup) truck 2011

Royal BMW

BMW hold the top two slots this year with this second place going to the BMW WILL. Why “Will”? Well, who is going to be getting married this year to a commoner called Kate? That’s right! BMW are (allegedly) creating a royal commemorative edition of the M3 Coupe. A bit more effort than the normal commemorative mug, but actually pretty cool when you realize that they have just done a slight modification to an inverted “M” logo:

BMW M Coupe Royal Will edition badge

BMW “Will” badge

Regular BMW M Sports Badge

Regular BMW M Sports badge

BMW are not the only ones engaging in April 1st trickery. Check out our little joke here.