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Prius Gets Alpha Boost & Lafesta Soars in August Japan New Car Sales

Posted by Stephen On Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Toyota’s Prius maintains its position at the head of Japan’s new car sales rankings in August, once again edging out Honda’s Fit.

Although Toyota will want to make much of the fact that the Prius also garnered more sales in August 2011 than at the same time last year, halting the year-on-year sales decline that has been continuing for the 12 months previous, the fact is that much of this gain has been due to the addition of belated deliveries of the minivan Prius Alpha.

Yes, that’s right: Even though the Prius Alpha is only loosely related to the regular Prius hybrid, the sales figures treat the Prius and Prius Alpha as a single model type. Which also explains Honda’s Fit maintaining its number two position. For it also has benefited from the addition of a model that is similar in name, although quite different in other respects – the Fit Shuttle.

Just why JADA insists on counting these quite different models as one is a mystery. Toyota gets to retain its bragging rights as top of the heap, but at the same time the interesting question as to how much the Prius Alpha is eating into standard Prius market share is obscured.

The biggest winner this month, though, is surely the Nissan Lafesta that has seen its sales revived a whopping 253% over the same month last year thanks to a much-needed update that I reported on a while back.

Here are the stats for regular passenger (non-kei cars):

Model Maker No. of Cars YoY %
Prius Toyota 24998 112.3
Fit Honda 16868 97.7
Vitz Toyota 10257 80.1
Serena Nissan 6628 96.8
Corolla Toyota 5962 55.7
Demio Mazda 5868 65.6
Ractis Toyota 4787 94.6
Paso Toyota 4633 60.9
Voxy Toyota 4322 64.4
March Nissan 3642 74.9
Noah Toyota 3556 59.9
Freed Honda 3389 30.2
Note Nissan 3337 53.6
Wish Toyota 3175 68.1
Sienta Toyota 3117 84.6
Juke Nissan 2505 127.7
Solio Suzuki 2414 N/A
Cube Nissan 2359 53.2
Lafesta Nissan 2341 253.9
Tiida Nissan 2261 53.3
Swift Suzuki 2179 62.1
CT200H Lexus 2155 N/A
Vanguard Toyota 2038 74.1
Mark X Toyota 1975 61.1
Sai Toyota 1917 75.7
Stepwagon Honda 1802 22.3
Isis Toyota 1799 67.1
X-Trail Nissan 1708 47.6
Impreza Subaru 1641 94.5
Legacy Subaru 1634 62.4

Sources: JADA, Nikkei (Japanese)