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Lexus RC 200t Chasing The Younger Generation

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Lexus Is Going after the Younger Generation
It’s always been known that Lexus has marketed their cars toward the older, more financially established generation of people. If you were to put Toyota and Lexus on tiers, you would find that Lexus is the luxury brand of Toyota.
It comes as a surprise then that Lexus is coming out the cheaper version of its RC Coupe, which is being directly marketed to the average 25-year-old. The RC 200t is $3000 cheaper than the V6.
The 200t Comes in 3 Grades
Either way you look at it, it’s not a cheap car. Toyota knows that this is still a Lexus luxury car. You will be finding this at any dealership for $20,000.
The Luxury RC Coupe starts at $64,000.
The F-Sport RC Coupe starts at $73,000.
The Sports Luxury RC Coupe starts at $83,500.
A Harvard business study clearly demonstrated that when a company offers more options, consumers are more likely to buy. Lexus took this to heart and is offering the RC Coupe to compete with its own brand offering.
The V6 RC350 starts at $67,000.
The V-8 RC-F starts at $133,000
The Entry Luxury Model Is Not Your Typical “Base” Grade
Since this is still a luxury car, it comes with all the works. It includes leather seats, climate air conditioning, power heated or cooled adjustable front seats, and power adjustment for the steering wheel. All this is being offered in addition to everything else that comes standard – power windows, power locks, the works.
A Dedicated Performance Coupe.
This car is every bit the luxury model that Lexus is known for. As a dedicated performance car, it rolls off the line with 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels. It’s equipped with a damper linking the left and right underfloor braces, designed to improve handling and steering response. The damper also reduces noise, harshness and vibration.
The Punchier V6 Is Tempting
Although the ride does not disappoint, the punchier V-6 is so much more tempting, considering that it sits at a mere $3000 more.
The Take Away
Like this is always been an enticing car. Historically, the problem with Lexus is the aging demographic. For almost 20 years, the demographic for new car buyers has risen steadily. In fact, this is exactly why Toyota makes Scion. They’re trying to entice a younger generation to buy new cars. The current demographic age for the buyer of the new Lexus is 66. This is Toyota’s move to try and make it 25. Good move, Lexus.