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Nissan’s Moco Kei Car Improves “Idling Stop” To Get 27.2 km / L

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Nissan has improved the fuel efficiency of it’s kei car Moco, as well as evolving the “idling stop” technology with sales starting on May 15th in Japan.

Improvements in both the engine and CVT transmission efficiency see the regular X and S versions of the Moco improve to 23.2 km/L, but it is the “idling stop” tech found on the appropriately named X Idling Stop and S Idling Stop models that boosts this further to 27.2 km / L.

Nissan Moco kei car

Nissan Moco

“Idling stop” simply means that when the brake pedal is depressed to slow the car down at speeds of 9 km / h or less, the engine is stopped so that the car coasts without using any fuel. When the driver wants to accelerate, the car automatically restarts then engine.

The basic Moco model sells for 1,089,900 Yen, and all versions except the G 4WD model will qualify for varying levels of Eco Car tax incentives. The range is topped off with a special Autech-spec version with special body kit enhancements and high levels of standard equipment for 1,289,400 Yen.

Nissan Moco G Aerostyle Autech Version

Nissan Moco G Aerostyle Autech Version

It seems to me that although Nissan has made some improvements here, I cannot see how they are going to make headway against competition from Daihatsu’s Mira e:S which is both significantly cheaper, and also gets much better fuel economy.

Source: Zaikei (Japanese-language)