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Toyota Navigation System Option To Prevent Wrong-Way Driving

Posted by Stephen On Friday, May 27th, 2011

From June 1st, Toyota is to start offering an option on its car navigation systems to warn drivers that they are driving the wrong way on an expressway. This will apply to the whole area around the expressway also, including access roads and roads into and out of service areas.

Toyota navigation system wrong-way driving warning

Even if you can't read Japanese, you know this says something bad

Although there were only 105 accidents caused by of wrong-way driving on the expressways in west Japan in the 7-year period of 2003 to 2009, the high closing speeds between vehicles meant that 63 of these were fatal. The number of incidents of wrong-way driving hovers at around 400 per year on these same west Japan toll highways, and Toyota states that there are around 1,000 nationwide annually.

Source: Response, HIDO (both Japanese-language)