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Nissan News: Upgraded European Navara and New Mobility Concept Carsharing

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

It’s been a pretty quiet week around the automotive blogosphere.  Most of us are waiting for the next couple of major international motor shows In November – the ones in LA and Tokyo. Chances are, we’ll start to see a steady stream of previews around the beginning of October. Until then, automakers seem to be using this time to focus their media promotion on local markets.

All that to say, we’re going to finish off the week by discussing two new and interesting developments from Nissan, although they may not be directly relevant to every single one of our readers… Keep reading to learn more.

European Market Nissan Navara SV Gets Luxurified

Updated Nissan Navara

This is the new, more luxurious edition of the Nissan Navara LE pickup truck; it’s the SV (special version) edition and it’s exclusive for the European market. Basically, Nissan is looking to appeal to drivers who want a comfortable interior in their pick-up, and a rugged-but-premium exterior.

To accomplish these two goals, Nissan has upgraded the Navara LE SV with 18” chrome-alloy wheels, a brushed steel bar under the front fender, and chrome-wrapped fog lights. Inside, the Navara LE SV gets new Alcantara trim on the seats and accented throughout, while the rest of the upholstery gets upgraded to double-stitched leather.

According to Christian Meola, LCV European Product Manager, “The special version underlines and enhances the appeal of one of the most capable pickups on the market.  Luxurious, sporting and supremely versatile, it is the ultimate Navara.”

The Nissan Navara LE SV will be available with one of two diesel engine configurations; either a 2.5L four-cylinder with 187 hp or a 3.0L V6 with 228 hp.

New Nissan Mobility Concept EV Car Sharing Program

Nissan New Mobility Concept

We’ve been keeping tabs on the Twizy-based Nissan Mobility Concept since the beginning of this year, and it seems as if the Japanese automaker is finally ready to put its urban EV to the test in the real world.  Starting next month, Nissan and the Japanese city of Yokohama will launch the first-ever EV carsharing program using a fleet of 30 Mobility Concept EV’s.

The new car sharing program will be called Choimobi Yokohama, which literally means Mega-Easy Mobility Yokohama. Nissan’s short term goal is to enlarge the fleet up to 100 NMC’s, each of which will be rented out at a rate of ~$12/hr. Rentals will be facilitated through an online reservation system and will include the free use of various parking facilities throughout the city.

This is a big step for Nissan, and if it works out well then Choimobi Yokohama could be the first of many EV carsharing programs around the world. It’s not difficult to imagine similar programs taking off in many other European and Asian markets, although it may not be appealing to U.S. customers for several years yet…  At least, not outside of the ever-trendy Northwest coast.

Thanks for reading, and come back next week for more news about your favorite Japanese cars!

Nissan New Mobility Concept 2-Seater EV On Yokohama Streets from October

Posted by Stephen On Friday, September 30th, 2011

Nissan is looking to aggressively expand its EV (electric vehicle) line-up beyond the eponymous Leaf. Having received permission from Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Nissan announced on September 29th that it would be starting trials of its New Mobility Concept EV on public roads starting in the area around Nissan’s HQ in Yokohama. The trial will also be extended to Aomori Prefecture (in the North) and Fukuoka Prefecture (in the South).

The Yokohama trial will be divided into two phases. The first will be from October 15th to 28th and be centered around people connected with Yokohama’s Motomachi shopping district. The second phase will be open to local residents and tourists and will be run from November 17th to 30th. Participants must be 21 and above and have had a regular passenger car license for 3 years or more. Details of the Yokohama program will be posted on the city website here from October.

Nissan’s 2-seater is ostensibly based on it’s sister company Renault’s Twizy. It is 2.34 meters in length and 1.19 meters wide. With a height of 1.45 meters, it will be big enough to carry two adults. It will have a top speed of 80 km/h and be able to travel 100 km between recharges.

Nissan New Mobility Concept electric car

The original concept showed a two-seater (but surely one of the passengers would have to be very flexible, very short or both to fit in) with no doors, so it will be interesting to see how this design has evolved when it actually hits the streets. I’m not sure I would be too happy driving this in Aomori’s snow in its original door-less form.

Nissan will be providing 7 vehicles at no cost to the city of Yokohama and is hoping to get usage data from a range of drivers, including older people and tourists, as well as researching the social needs for very small vehicles like these.

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