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2016 Nissan Maxima Revealed in Official Images

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

For any of our US readers who caught the Super Bowl this past weekend, you may have spotted Nissan’s 90-second ad spot titled “With Dad”. The main attraction featured in the ad is the new Nissan GT-R LM NISMO race car prototype, but the new Maxima makes a sneak appearance at the end of the ad, right around the 1:17 mark. You can take a look for yourself below:

Now, just a couple days later, Nissan has revealed official images of their “all-new” four-door Maxima sedan. We have to say, Nissan has done an excellent job of moving upmarket with this new model – it’s hard to call the car we see here a middle-class sedan. A more appropriate classification would be a “4-door sports car,” which is just as Nissan intended the car to be.

2016 Nissan Maxima

If you remember back to the 2014 Detroit Motor Show, we saw a car called the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept. As we can see now, that concept clearly previewed the 2016 Maxima. We really appreciate it when automakers keep their production models close to the concepts, and that’s exactly what Nissan has done here. Compare the image above to the Sport Sedan Concept from last year, shown below:

2014 Nissan Sport Sedan Concept

Obviously, there are a few differences… The Sport Sedan Concept was a show car, and that’s pretty clear from the images. However, the new corporate V-Motion grille is largely intact. The floating roofline is also still visible, although it’s hard to see in these particular images.

Really, the most noticeable difference is the more minimalist design of the alloys on the 2016 Maxima compared to the fancy triple-spokes of the concept car. Everything else has been smoothed over and refined to accent key elements of the car’s sporty design, like the large front clip and curvaceous rear-end.

2016 Nissan Maxima

Nissan hasn’t offered us any official powertrain specs, but word on the street is we can expect the 2016 Maxima to come with a 3.5L V6 that outputs something in the realm of 290 horsepower. That engine would be mated to a six-speed Xtronic CVT configured for front-wheel drive. Another alternative could be a 2.0L four-cylinder from the new Pathfinder that would offer around 250 hp.

Either way, we expect the new 2016 Nissan Maxima to go on sale later this fall, and the new sedan’s official debut will come on April 1 at the 2015 New York Auto Show.

Nissan Increases Russian Presence with 2015 Datsun mi-DO

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

2015 Datsun mi-DO Hatchback outside

It’s no coincidence that Russia is the only market in the world where all three of Nissan’s brands are represented. Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun have all made their presence known over the past couple years, but Nissan and Datsun in particular appear to be getting extra emphasis. At this year’s Moscow Auto Show, otherwise known as Automechanika Moscow, the Japanese automaker showed Russian versions of their Sentra sedan and Pathfinder SUV, along with a brand-new product from Datsun.

Unfortunately, Nissan didn’t reveal any specific differences between the Russian and other global versions of their Sentra or Pathfinder, and without being there we have no way of finding the details for ourselves. So, as you continue reading you’re going to learn all about the only NEW car they showed – the Datsun mi-DO budget hatchback.

Introducing the Datsun mi-DO

2015 Datsun mi-DO Hatchback

In case it’s not obvious from the name, this is a companion car to the Datsun on-DO. The on-DO sedan was the first new debut for the revived Datsun brand, and is set to go on sale sometime next month. The mi-DO will likely go on sale at the beginning of 2015, although no specific launch date has been set.

2015 Datsun mi-DO Hatchback rear view

Given that Datsun is a budget brand and Nissan wants to keep manufacturing costs to a minimum, it shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise that both the mi-DO and on-DO share a great deal of both their design and mechanics. Both cars sit on the same chassis with the same 97.5 inch wheelbase (2,476mm) and 66.9 inch width (1,700mm). However, the mi-DO’s overall body length is a couple inches shorter, and there’s no doubt that the hatchback body displays a more refined version of Datsun’s still-growing signature style, including the D-Cut hexagonal grille.

In addition to sharing the same chassis as the on-DO, the 2015 Datsun mi-DO will also share the same engine offering. It’ll be a 1.6L V8 engine that outputs 87hp. However, the hatchback will also be available with an optional automatic four-speed transmission in place of the typical five-speed manual.

2015 Datsun mi-DO interior

Other standard features in the new Datsun mi-DO include dual front airbags, ABS, heated seats and door mirrors, which Nissan makes out to be a pretty big deal in Russia. Either way, we can’t fault them for being optimistic, even when they describe the new budget car as “a practical yet sporty five-door hatchback with a strong masculine appearance.”

All in all, we’re happy to see the Datsun brand coming back in force, and Nissan is too. With 25 dealerships already up and running – with 75 more on the way in the next couple years – Nissan and Datsun are well-primed to dominate the Russian market.

Next-Gen Nissan Murano Coming to New York Motor Show

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

2015 Nissan Murano Teaser

Today, Nissan announced their intention to bring the next generation of the Nissan Murano to the upcoming 2014 New York Motor Show. Along with the announcement, Nissan offered a teaser image on their Facebook page, along with an online press release describing their intention for the new model. They even opened up a new page on their website so that fans can sign-up to receive advanced updates and first images of the new Murano when it’s unveiled.

So, what do we know about the next-gen Nissan Murano?

Nissan Resonance Concept

From a design standpoint, we know that the new Murano will be heavily based off of the Nissan Resonance Concept from this year’s Detroit Motor Show. Nissan is also presenting the model as their halo vehicle for all current and future crossovers and SUVs, as well as the first production vehicle to feature their new design language.

More specifically, the new Murano is expected to feature all the design hallmarks that Nissan has emphasized in their most recent concepts, from the V-motion grille to the boomerang-style LEDs and flowing, linear body. From the extremely short teaser video below, we can also see that the rear of the crossover will be very close to the Resonance in shape, complete with the sculpted taillights, kick-up beltline and a characteristically split C-pillar.

All in all, the design looks akin to a slightly toned down Resonance.

In addition to an innovative exterior design, Nissan has also emphasized that the next Murano will be even more spacious than the current model. Their exact words were that the car will feature “a spacious, premium interior and advanced, purposeful safety and connective technology.” Although we’re sure that the interior of the Resonance – more than anything else – will be substantially toned down in the production Murano, you can still take a look at the Concept’s interior for reference:

Nissan Resonance Interior Design

Mechanically speaking, you can expect the Murano to inherit the new Pathfinder’s revised D platform. The new mid-size crossover will likely keep the same powertrain as the outgoing model, which is a 3.5L V6 with 260bhp paired with a standard CVT and either FWD or AWD. However, the Resonance Concept from Detroit showcased a new hybrid powertrain that could also make it to production. It was a 2.5L four-cylinder petrol engine integrated with two advanced electric motors and a new CVT, complete with a new lithium-ion battery.

Last but not least, the new Nissan Murano is expected to go on sale sometime this fall as a 2015 model year.

As you can see, despite the limited information that Nissan has provided us with, we can actually surmise a great deal about the upcoming Nissan Murano. What we know the least about is, without a doubt, the interior, but the Resonance gives us high expectations for that. Either way, the New York Motor Show opens doors on the 16th of April, so stay tuned for the full reveal next month.

Until then, thanks for reading!


Wrapping Up the 2013 New York Motor Show with Honda and Nissan

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

The 2013 New York Motor Show is so last week. Even though it was a massive automotive event and dozens of new cars were unveiled, time is passing and us auto-junkies are moving right along. But, here at Integrity Exports, we still have a few more Japanese cars we’d like to talk about. So, today we’re going to cover two cars each from Honda and Nissan.

2014 Honda Odyssey

First up, the new 2014 Honda Odyssey. I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting very much. After all, what could be cool about a new minivan?

How about this: the first ever in-car vacuum?

That’s right, apparently the top-tier trim package – the 2014 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite – will feature an in-car vacuum that reaches every nook and cranny of the minivan’s interior. The vacuum, which is officially dubbed HondaVAC, can run for 8 minutes while the engine is off and indefinitely while it’s on. There are also several included attachments to handle different types of debris.

Pretty cool!

Unfortunately, we were so engrossed in the vacuum that we didn’t pay any attention to the rest of the car. And neither should you; let’s just all stay excited about the vacuum.

2014 Acura MDX

Maybe this says something about my stance towards Honda, but once again I wasn’t expecting much from the all-new MDX. But, I was actually impressed with what we saw in New York. Acura’s new seven-seater was totally re-built from the ground up with a completely new architecture that offers all-around improved driving dynamics. That means better aerodynamics, better fuel efficiency, better handling, and of course a very clean and spacious interior in traditional Honda style (they’re taking cues from the Fit’s success here).

As far as mechanics, the 2014 Acura MDX features a new i-VTEC 3.5L V6 engine with direct injection and Variable Cylinder Management. All told, the meaty new engine delivers 290hp, and you’ll get it paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission that can be configured for either Super Handling AWD or the more common 2-wheel drive.

Did we mention that Acura tested the MDX on Nürburgring? Got to give you props there, Acura.

All in all, a great new Japanese SUV from Honda’s luxury arm.

2014 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid

Unlike with the Acura MDX, we weren’t expecting a full re-design for the Nissan Pathfinder. Instead, we were looking forward to a hybrid version of the redesigned-for-2013 Pathfinder. And, that’s exactly what we got. No more, no less.

The new Pathfinder Hybrid is apparently configured with a lithium-ion battery powering a 15-kW motor. The electric motor is then paired with a supercharged 4-cylinder 2.5L engine capable of 250hp. The hybrid configuration is unofficially priced at $3,000 above the normal Pathfinder.

Infiniti QX60

Once again, the Infiniti crossover formerly known as JX35 was already revamped for 2013, so we weren’t expecting anything earth-shattering. But even still, we were bored with the QX60, which debuted at New York with the exact same hybrid powertrain found in the new Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid.

As we initially expected, people weren’t overly impressed by the QX60. Most auto-news sources spent more time dissing Infiniti’s confusing naming conventions than actually discussing the new QX60. It was just too similar to the Pathfinder. Other than a nicer interior and some extra safety features, the QX60 failed to stand out from its mechanical twin. In fact, if you asked me I’d say the QX60 actually has a worse exterior design than the Pathfinder, even if it gets the nod from the interior.

Infiniti’s boring QX60 aside, the New York Motor Show was definitely a success, and I’ve enjoyed covering it for you. We’ll be moving on to other things later this week, so stay tuned for more auto-news here at Integrity Exports!