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Nissan Pulsar NISMO Concept is Ready to Race

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

As we continue trying to cover every new Japanese car shown at the 2014 Paris Motor Show (all the cool ones anyway), today we come to yet another sporty new offering. It’s the Nissan Pulsar NISMO Concept, and it’s the hottest hatch we’ve seen from Nissan in quite some time.

2015 Nissan Pulsar NISMO

How fitting that Nissan chose to show their new Pulsar NISMO at the same motor show Honda chose to unveil their newest Civic Type-R Concept; the two cars are very similar. Of course, unlike the Civic Type-R which Honda confirmed will eventually come to production, Nissan is calling this Pulsar NISMO nothing more than an “innovative design study.” Still, we have a hard time believing that Nissan wouldn’t produce this sweet-looking sports hatch.

Either way, Nissan is throwing down the gauntlet by claiming that their new hatchback will outrace the Civic Type-R to take a front-wheel drive Nürburgring lap record. It’ll do it with a 1.6L turbocharged four-cylinder engine that’s been tuned up to a teeth-gritting 247bhp. However, Nissan says they can do even better and may eventually offer a Pulsar NISMO RS with 275bhp.

Engine aside, let’s take a moment to quickly go over the augmentations NISMO made to the Pulsar hatchback:

2015 Nissan Pulsar NISMO twin exhaust

Outside, the hatchback bears the performance firm’s trademark black and red color-scheme with red side skirts, 19-inch twin-spoke gunmetal alloys, dark chrome accents and a carbon fiber rear spoiler. Closer inspection reveals a crisp red front spoiler and enormous air intakes, as well as a rear diffuser with twin central exhausts.

We already mentioned the engine tune-up, but NISMO also lowered the hatch’s ride by a couple inches and stiffened the chassis. They also added a limited-slip differential to help the underpinnings handle the enormous surplus of power, and they reinforced the steering to give a more accurate driving response. All of these changes were made off the basis of real-world track testing, so you can trust that the Pulsar NISMO offers an authentically sporty drive.

Nissan Pulsar NISMO Concept interior

Inside, you’ll find the standard NISMO treatment of deep, form-fitting Alcantara bucket seats, classy black upholstery with red accents and subtle chrome trim, a tri-spoke steering wheel, a special red tachometer and of course alloy pedals to round things out.

Nissan Pulsar NISMO Concept red tachometer

The Nissan pulsar NISMO is a definitely and eye-catcher, and while Nissan didn’t make any promises, we’d be pretty surprised if we didn’t see the car make its production debut sometime in 2015.

2015 Nissan Pulsar Officially Revealed w/ Pics

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

2015 Nissan Pulsar hatchback

It’s been nearly a decade since Nissan has sold a compact hatchback in the UK. It was 2006 when they pulled the plug on the Nissan Almera and officially stopped pursuing compact hatchback drivers in Europe, stating that it took a strong, recognizable brand name to succeed in that kind of highly competitive segment.

Well, it’s 2014 now and Nissan is the world’s second-largest Japanese automaker. If that’s not recognizable enough, then we don’t know what is. Fortunately, Nissan feels the same way and so they’re bringing back the Nissan Pulsar to pick up where the Almera left off.

Basically, the Pulsar is a Tiida-based, C-segment car that Nissan will use to transition Qashqai drivers into a hatchback without leaving the Nissan family. The strongest competitors in this segment are the VW Golf, Ford Focus and Hyundai i30, each of which offers their own unique appeal. With the Nissan Pulsar’s 1.2L turbocharged DIG-T or 1.5L dCi engines, this car isn’t trying to be the most powerful, it’s intended to be reliable and efficient. Although Nissan does plan to launch a more powerful Pulsar NISMO next year, that car isn’t meant to embody the normal Pulsar’s main selling points.

2015 Nissan Pulsar c-segment hatchback

You may recall that we’ve actually already talked about the new Nissan Pulsar. It was a couple months ago when we heard the first round of stats from the Japanese automaker. That blog post goes over all the detailed specs and trims that’ll be available with the production Pulsar in October. Although, it looks like Nissan has pruned one of the four trims away – now they’re only offering Visia, Acenta and Tekna… No more n-Tec.

Now that we’re at the brink of the revived Pulsar’s release, Nissan says that there are a few key elements that separate their new hatchback from the competition:

First, the compact car is one of the most spacious in its segment with the longest wheelbase, the most rear seat room and the highest trunk capacity. When you consider that it also has very little road noise, those two facts alone make for a very comfortable ride.

2015 Nissan Pulsar interior

Second, the Pulsar offers some of the best tech. amenities in its class. Every trim is fitted with air-conditioning, a center Advanced Driver-Assist Display and power windows, along with an integrated Stop/Start system and automatic Tire Pressure Monitoring. As you move up the range, you’ll get even more advanced technology like Around View Monitor, Forward Emergency Braking, Moving Object Detection and the newest NissanConnect infotainment.

Third, the Nissan Pulsar offers incredible fuel economy for both powertrains. While its longer and heavier body won’t be quite as fun to drive on a wide open highway, this fuel-sipping hatchback will give you 47mpg with the 1.2L petrol and an astounding 65mpg with the 1.5L diesel.

As you can see, Nissan has taken a very wise approach with their new compact hatchback. The Nissan Pulsar wasn’t designed to be the best at everything. Instead, it’s a reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle that’ll give you a quiet, safe ride wherever you need to go. For many drivers, that’s more than enough.


Nissan Pulsar Official Pricing & Specs Revealed

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

A couple months ago we learned that Nissan will be bringing back their Pulsar hatchback to compete with Europe’s finest premium cars. Now that the car’s autumn-scheduled launch is only a few months away, Nissan has finally unveiled official pricing and specs for the UK-version of their revived model.

2014 Nissan Pulsar front

At the time, we’d already seen most of the mechanical details of Europe’s upcoming Japanese hatchback. The new Nissan Pulsar will boast two highly efficient, direct injected powertrain options – a 1.2L petrol with 113hp and a 1.5L diesel with 110hp. However, early next year a NISMO-esque 1.6L DIG-T petrol will join the range with 187hp. All in all, these engines allow the Pulsar to move fast and accelerate quickly without exceeding 95 g/km of CO2 output.

What we didn’t know is exactly what Nissan will be aiming for when they release the new Pulsar family to the European market. Apparently, they explicitly won’t be targeting the sporty hot hatch segment of the market… At least, not yet. Instead, Andy Palmer told European car mag,, that he’s more interested in a solid, premium-feeling hatchback that keeps current and future customers in the Nissan family.

“I’m not looking for a car that is ultimately very, very sporty,” Palmer explained, “I’m looking for something that can transition a customer from a Qashqai to a hatchback … We want to keep ex-Qashqai buyers in the Nissan family. It has to have a familiar design and handling.”

As you can see, the new Nissan pulsar certainly boasts a very modern design that fits right into the rest of Nissan’s lineup. The blacked out B- and C-pillars paired with the swoopy, linear design bring a lot of attention to the car’s extravagant V-motion grille. All in all, the design is very cohesive and likely looks stunning across a wide range of colors and trims.

Speaking of trims, the 2015 Nissan Pulsar will launch with four of them, each described below:

Nissan Pulsar Visia – Starting at £15,995, the basic Visia trim still comes with tons of tech. goodies like a five-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity and steering wheel-mounted controls, along with 16-inch alloy wheels, start/stop fuel efficiency, and all the normal stuff like AC and cruise control.

Nissan Pulsar Acenta – The second trim package starts at £17,645, which buys you the keyless i-Key system, automatic Forward Emergency Braking, and automatic wipers and headlights.

Nissan Pulsar n-tec – At £18,995, this next upgrade brings you 17-inch alloys, tinted privacy glass, a rearview backup camera, new LED running lights, and an all-around upgraded infotainment system with even more smartphone integration.

Nissan Pulsar Tekna – finally, the Tekna trim tops the line at £20,345 with improved leather trim, heated seats, and most importantly a plethora of new safety features that Nissan calls their Nissan Safety Shield. This includes automatic Moving Object Detection, Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning and Around-View Monitor. Oh, and you get electric folding mirrors as a final minor bonus.

Even if you end up with the most basic trim package, what makes the new Nissan Pulsar such a great car is its foundational design and engineering. “It’s very smooth, and doesn’t transmit impulses back into the car,” describes Palmer. “It’s very solid, and very neutral … The steering is quite light so it’s good for urban use and normal customers. The NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) is better than our competitors. Wind noise is excellent and structural noises very good.” We can’t wait to see the real thing this fall!

1999 Nissan Pulsar for Sale and a Brief History

Posted by Stephen On Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Yesterday we talked about Nissan’s newly unveiled revived Nissan Pulsar hatchback. Set to go on sale in Europe before the end of this year, the new Pulsar will be a premium-feeling family hatch. However, what you might not realize is just how much the new Pulsar embodies the vision of the old one. As it turns out, there are several original Nissan Pulsars up for auction in Japan, so we pulled one up to show you where the new car got its roots:

1999 Nissan Pulsar Front

Pictured above is a 1999MY Nissan Pulsar. The original Pulsar launched in Japan all the way back in 1978 as a five-door hatchback with front-wheel-drive. The car was also known as the Cherry or Sentra in some international markets, while it was branded under the Datsun marquee in others like Australia. It was distinguished from same-class hatchbacks by its longer-than-normal nose, which Nissan envisioned would eventually allow for a sedan variant, as seen in the 1999MY Pulsar above. And, just like the new version, it originally shipped with two relatively small engine options – a 1.2L with 70hp and a 1.4L with 85hp.

The Nissan Pulsar made its way into Europe when its second generation debuted in early 1982, but the car really hit its prime 10 years later when its fourth-generation launched in 1990. The car continued to thrive throughout the ‘90s, particularly in Australia and New Zealand, although it never made it into the US. During its heyday, Nissan even developed a performance version by the name of the Nissan Pulsar GTI-R.

The Pulsar finally died in 2000 when it was replaced by the Nissan Sylphy. Still, the Pulsar name has been intermittently applied to various Sylphy models in Australia and Asia since that time, probably because of the old marquee’s popularity in those regions.

1999 Nissan Pulsar Interior

Today’s Japanese car auction find is a 1999 Nissan Pulsar from the car’s fifth generation, chassis number N15. As you can see, this particular vehicle is in decent condition (except for the oil leak) with only 67k kilometers on the odometer. Both the interior and exterior have an above average rating; the interior is graded a B and the overall rating is a 4.

Looking a little bit more over the auction sheet (pictured below) we can see that this is a Nissan Pulsar sedan, model CJ-I, which used Nissan’s GA15DE engine with an automatic transmission. This is a 1.5L petrol engine with dual-overhead camshafts (DOHC) and electronic fuel injection, capable of producing 104hp. This is one of the largest and most powerful engines a non-performance Pulsar ever saw.

You can probably tell that this 1999 Nissan Pulsar was never meant to be flashy, but it is highly functional. It became so beloved by Australia and New Zealand because of its staunch reliability, making it a great car for those who just want something simple with four wheels. Best of all, Pulsar models like this one typically go for around 33,000 Japanese Yen auction price, which is about $325 USD. You definitely can’t beat the price.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to check out the auction sheet below, along with our full auction sheet overview below that:

1999 Nissan Pulsar Auction Sheet

Here is the translation:

“Interior B, no exterior condition grade, first registered March 1999, CJ-I Limited model, AT, AC, power steering, power windows, ABS, airbag, stone chips in front windscreen, interior grime, wheels scratched, engine oil leak, scratches and dents, has spare wheel with 10/10 tread, frotn wheels have 4/10 tread, rear wheels have 5/10 tread, other marks as per map”

New Nissan Pulsar Revived to Compete with Europe’s Hatchbacks

Posted by Stephen On Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Starting this fall, Nissan will be ready to compete with Europe’s best-selling C-segment hatchbacks. This is because they’ve just pulled the curtains off their revived Nissan Pulsar, a car the world hasn’t seen since 2000. However, this new European offering will come back to go toe-to-toe with the likes of the VW Golf, Vauxhall Astra and Ford Focus.

Check it out for yourself below:

2014 Nissan Pulsar front

As you can see, the new Nissan Pulsar fits right in with the rest of the Japanese automaker’s lineup complete with its signature V-motion grille. It’s designed to slot below the Qashqai and X-Trail/Rogue, and it’s built on the same CMF2 modular architecture as the two larger SUVs. Other noteworthy design similarities include the boomerang-shaped LED headlights and the curvature of the front clip and wheel wells.

2014 Nissan Pulsar rear

With the exterior out of the way, let’s talk about the part of the new Nissan Pulsar you can’t see – what’s under the hood. Nissan has adopted a policy of efficiency with their latest vehicles, and that trend continues here with a relatively low-displacement engine range. However, what the engines lack in size they make up for with technology; each and every engine option includes a turbocharger. As for the actual stats, you’ll find that the three engine options closely mirror those available in the Qashqai:

  1. 1.2 liter DIG-T (direct injection turbo) petrol engine with 113hp
  2. 1.5 liter dCi (direct common-rail injection) diesel engine with 110hp
  3. 1.6 liter DIG-T petrol engine with 187hp, although this one won’t join the range until early 2015.

Thanks to the sheer efficiency of the engine range, the Nissan Pulsar is able to achieve CO2 outputs below 95g/km at every level. But, the technology used in the Pulsar’s powertrain is only the tip of the iceberg… There are even more techy features inside.

2014 Nissan Pulsar trunk

Chief among them is Nissan’s advanced Safety Shield technology suite, a collection of systems that “combine to offer a fully comprehensive ‘safety net’ for drivers.” These include Forward Emergency Braking, Moving Object Detection, and Lane Departure and Blind Spot Warning.

The revived Nissan Pulsar will also offer the longest wheelbase in Europe’s C-segment at 2,700mm, or 8.8 feet. This translates into massive trunk space and an extremely spacious cabin. In fact, Nissan boasts that the 692mm of rear knee room is “more spacious than many D-segment offerings.” Unfortunately, one area in which the Japanese car maker has fallen down again is in the sheer blandness of the styling. There is no classic shape (like the Golf), nor any sense of excitement and innovation (such as you see in Citroen’s latest design). It’s destined to chug a long as a solid choice, but is unlikely to capture the hearts and minds of most consumers.

Unfortunately, as of right now it doesn’t look like the Nissan Pulsar will ever be available outside of Europe. The new hatchback will be manufactured in Nissan’s Barcelona factory, and will likely go on sale in the fall for something around 15,000 pounds, or about $25,000 at today’s exchange rates.

If you’d like to see a bit more of the new Nissan Pulsar, you can watch a short promo video for it below: