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Japanese Car Auction Find: Alfa Romeo RZ (Zagato-Designed Convertible)

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

It’s almost a year since I posted about an Alfa Romeo SZ that I had seen in one of the car auctions in Japan. The design is very striking and it must still be on my brain, because today I was skimming through the auctions and found this sister car — the Alfa Romeo RZ (convertible).

This one is even rarer than the SZ. Alfa planned to build 350 of these drop tops, but only got around to making 278 in the end.

And this one is an absolutely superb example. First of all, it’s a 1994 import, but with only 32, 310 KM on the clock. That’s an incredibly low 20,076 miles. Then it’s also a grade 4.5, which is the best you are going to see on a car this age. Actually,while we’re at it, here’s the full translation:

“Interior B, first registered December 1994, chassis type unknown, 2WD, 5-speed manual, leather seats, power steering, power windows, original AWs, LHD, not known if gray or official import, no catalytic convertor fitted, oil leak from ride height control unit  – repairs needed, seats worn, interior scratches, wheels scratched, minor scratches and minor dents, front windscreen stone scratches, exterior paintwork worn just in front of right rear wheel arch, minor scratch under front bumper.”

So, just a small leak to repair and there you have it — a pristine show car.

I don’t know…. I think last year I was still undecided about whether I really liked the styling of these SZ and RZ Alfa’s. You can’t accuse Zagato of being anything less than bold, that’s for sure.

But seeing this car now, I have to say that I think the shape is growing on me.

I really think this is a potential future classic. Take a look at the pictures of this Alfa Romeo RZ at auction today and tell me what you think in the comments below.

Alfa Romeo RZ convertible 1994 (front) - at a car auction in Japan

Alfa Romeo RZ convertible 1994 (auction sheet) - at a car auction in Japan

Alfa Romeo RZ convertible 1994 (interior) - at a car auction in Japan

Alfa Romeo RZ convertible 1994 (rear) - at a car auction in Japan

Whether you are after a modern classic like this Alfa Romeo RZ, or whether you are looking for a plain and simple Toyota Corolla to get you to and from your work, Japan’s car auctions can be a great place to look.