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Nissan Sentra — Revolutionary To Revolting

Posted by Stephen On Thursday, January 7th, 2016

Late last year, Nissan posted its price tags for the 2016 Sentra lineup. It appears that they have modified these over the 2015 central lineup figures along with notable changes, according to industry observers.

The base price for the majority of these models has been increased by a minimum of $250, which doesn’t seem like a whole lot. The slight increase was for its entire Sentra lineup, from the simple, base model to the more expensive Sentra SL. But why the change?

The Reason for the Change

The price change was noted by Car and Driver Magazine and noted that the vehicle received an entire visual makeover to match the rest of the trend for the 2016 lineup. So far, the exterior, the interior and everything under the hood have been redone – and Nissan is leaning more toward a unified look with the rest of the vehicles that carry the Nissan logo.

The Price Is for the Units Themselves

What’s interesting is that these price changes were noted as being the price for the units themselves – other charges, such as shipping and handling, are not part of this price. The Nissan Sentra S, Nissan base model, received a $250 price increase. The standard package includes chrome trim, four-speaker system and six-speed manual transmission. For an additional $850, the iteration of the vehicle can include the Xtronic CVT (continuously variable transmission) system.

Another publication, Torque News, it’s published the prices for the rest of Nissan’s coveted lineup. According to them, Nissan announced these prices on New Year’s Eve. The center starts at $16,780 – which is where we see the $250 increase over the 2015 Sentra model in the US. When you add the Xtronic CVT system, you’re looking at $17,630. The Sentra SV, which includes the Xtronic CVT standard (you can’t get it without the system), starts at $18,550. Another model which includes the Xtronic CVT system is the Sentra FE+ S model, which starts at $18,030. The top-of-the-line Nissan Sentra begins at $22,170.

From Revolutionary to Revolting

Under the hood specs aside, the biggest change the Nissan Sentra lineup underwent was visual. Instead of making the lineup unique, as it has been in years past, Nissan chose to make it mimic the rest of the brand. Unfortunately, Nissan has found a mixed reaction among its customer base, calling the move anything from “revolutionary” to “revolting.”

So, will people be lining up to pay more for “revolting”? One wonders ….

Nissan Increases Russian Presence with 2015 Datsun mi-DO

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

2015 Datsun mi-DO Hatchback outside

It’s no coincidence that Russia is the only market in the world where all three of Nissan’s brands are represented. Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun have all made their presence known over the past couple years, but Nissan and Datsun in particular appear to be getting extra emphasis. At this year’s Moscow Auto Show, otherwise known as Automechanika Moscow, the Japanese automaker showed Russian versions of their Sentra sedan and Pathfinder SUV, along with a brand-new product from Datsun.

Unfortunately, Nissan didn’t reveal any specific differences between the Russian and other global versions of their Sentra or Pathfinder, and without being there we have no way of finding the details for ourselves. So, as you continue reading you’re going to learn all about the only NEW car they showed – the Datsun mi-DO budget hatchback.

Introducing the Datsun mi-DO

2015 Datsun mi-DO Hatchback

In case it’s not obvious from the name, this is a companion car to the Datsun on-DO. The on-DO sedan was the first new debut for the revived Datsun brand, and is set to go on sale sometime next month. The mi-DO will likely go on sale at the beginning of 2015, although no specific launch date has been set.

2015 Datsun mi-DO Hatchback rear view

Given that Datsun is a budget brand and Nissan wants to keep manufacturing costs to a minimum, it shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise that both the mi-DO and on-DO share a great deal of both their design and mechanics. Both cars sit on the same chassis with the same 97.5 inch wheelbase (2,476mm) and 66.9 inch width (1,700mm). However, the mi-DO’s overall body length is a couple inches shorter, and there’s no doubt that the hatchback body displays a more refined version of Datsun’s still-growing signature style, including the D-Cut hexagonal grille.

In addition to sharing the same chassis as the on-DO, the 2015 Datsun mi-DO will also share the same engine offering. It’ll be a 1.6L V8 engine that outputs 87hp. However, the hatchback will also be available with an optional automatic four-speed transmission in place of the typical five-speed manual.

2015 Datsun mi-DO interior

Other standard features in the new Datsun mi-DO include dual front airbags, ABS, heated seats and door mirrors, which Nissan makes out to be a pretty big deal in Russia. Either way, we can’t fault them for being optimistic, even when they describe the new budget car as “a practical yet sporty five-door hatchback with a strong masculine appearance.”

All in all, we’re happy to see the Datsun brand coming back in force, and Nissan is too. With 25 dealerships already up and running – with 75 more on the way in the next couple years – Nissan and Datsun are well-primed to dominate the Russian market.

Nissan’s New NISMOs Unveiled at the 2013 LA Motor Show

Posted by Stephen On Friday, November 22nd, 2013

We’ve been waiting for this week to come for two solid months now. The last two weeks of November are always a spectacular time for any automotive enthusiast. Not because of any holidays, but because of the two enormous motor shows that inevitably fall in very close proximity to each other this time of year.

The 2013 LA Motor Show has officially opened doors. Friday, all the way across the Pacific Ocean, the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show will do the same.

Obviously, that means we have a lot of new Japanese cars to talk about. And, with only a couple days between the motor shows, not very much time to talk about them. But, we’re going to do our best.

Today, we’re going to start by talking about two of the hottest Japanese cars at the 2013 LA Motor Show – the Nissan Sentra NISMO Concept and the Nissan Juke NISMO RS.

Nissan Sentra NISMO Concept

Nissan Sentra NISMO Concept

Stunning, isn’t she?

This is the Nissan Sentra NISMO Concept and it’s a perfect example of why NISMO is such a great platform for Nissan – it allows them to get so much more mileage out of their lineup.

Let’s talk specs:

Other than the overall aesthetic, the biggest difference between a normal Nissan Sentra and the Sentra NISMO seen above lies underneath the hood. The Sentra NISMO boasts an impressive 240+ horsepower 1.8L turbocharged engine coupled with a 6-speed manual transmission with limited-slip differential. Compared to the whimpy 130bhp engine in the normal Sentra, it’s safe to say that the Sentra NISMO will be a lot more fun to drive. And that’s before you take the new performance-tuned suspension, 19-inch aluminum alloy tires, and brand-new Brembo brakes into consideration.

From the exterior, we see design improvements all over the vehicle. The front boasts a deepened fascia with red accents and a restyled grille. Along the sides we find new red side skirts to match those in the front. In the rear we find a diffuser and twin tailpipes, along with a restyled bumper.

Inside, the dramatic style improvements continue… The regular front seats have been ditched for Recaro Sportster editions. The instrument panel has been upgraded to utilize carbon fiber. And of course, there’s the characteristic NISMO sports steering wheel, with a matching leather-clad gear shift. Leather and Alcantara are the primary materials used throughout the car, with black-and-red trim in classic NISMO style.

Unfortunately, as appealing as this concept may be, we don’t have official confirmation that Nissan will ever manufacture a Sentra NISMO. If they do, it’ll likely be US-only.

Nissan Juke NISMO RS

Nissan Juke NISMO RS

Unlike the Nissan Sentra NISMO Concept, this is a car that we know for sure will make it to production. In fact, it’ll go on sale in the US this coming December, and in the UK sometime during 2014. But that’s because it’s not a brand-new car; it’s simply the next iteration of Nissan’s already-existing Juke NISMO. This one has more power and better all-around performance, along with some sporty improvements to the interior.

More specifically, the Nissan Juke NISMO RS gets a tuned-up 1.6L turbocharged 215bhp engine, compared to the 188bhp of a normal Juke NISMO. Interestingly, the upgraded power doesn’t come from any changes to the mechanics of the engine itself, but from a re-programmed ECU and an improved exhaust system. When combined with the reinforced chassis, the RS is supposed to offer a substantially more pleasurable drive. Sounds like the kinds of upgrade tweaks Nissan is accustomed to giving their GT-R each year.

The Japanese compact also gets bigger brakes and the option of a limited-slip differential just like in the Sentra NISMO, but only if drivers opt for a manual transmission.

As far as aesthetics, the biggest difference between the Nissan Juke NISMO RS and the regular Juke NISMO are the Recaro seats. It seems like a small feature on paper, but they make a dramatic difference in how the Juke RS feels from inside. The RS also gets more heavily emphasized red-and-black NISMO ambiance throughout, complete with a restyled steering wheel and a new NISMO instrument dashboard.

If you want to see more of the new Juke NISMO RS, just watch the video below:

All in all, both new Nissan NISMOs look great. No surprises there. Let’s just hope that Nissan hears our praises and manufactures a Sentra NISMO. It’s hard to imagine a car like that not flying off dealership floors.

Fortunately, these aren’t the last new NISMOs we’ll see this week… The new Nissan GT-R NISMO debuts very soon too. Stay tuned!

The 2013 Nissan Sentra

Posted by Stephen On Saturday, October 27th, 2012

The new 2013 Nissan Sentra is now entering its 7th generation and it is obvious that Nissan is trying to do some retooling here in an effort to appeal to a broader section of the US market in particular. Unfortunately, this is often a tall order for a compact sedan. Relying on a name or past reputation will simply does not cut it anymore, as Toyota can also attest.

New Styling for the Sentra

This new Sentra has quite a different look than its predecessors. For starters, the rounded front end gives it more visual height just as the high beltline and bulging character line do for the profile view. The result is more organic and closer to recent Lexus designs. So not bad, but on the other hand it doesn’t really stand out from the crowd in a market that Korean makers are making increasingly competitive.

You will also notice increased interior space. In fact, there is now enough interior room in this car that the EPA could actually classify it as a midsize (rather than compact) sedan. Most of this added space is in the back seat area. In fact, a taller driver might even feel a little left out and wish that there was maybe a bit more leg room up front.

The Sentra Driving Experience

So a pass on the styling. But how about the driving experience? Well first up, the noise, vibration and harshness were all extremely well controlled. You will not notice any noise at all when cruising, even up to 80 miles an hour. In fact, the only time when you will notice any sound from the exhaust is with very hard acceleration. Not only that, but the experience is remarkably placid. You may notice a tiny bit of noise from the wind flow over the side mirrors, but that is about all.

The ride is also reminiscent of a larger and more expensive vehicle. Not even driving over potholes will interrupt this smooth feel. And the handling is superlative, with the wheels firmly planted at all times. This is a sure-footed vehicle that builds confidence with the driver.

The overall impression of the new 2013 Sentra will really depend on your priorities. If you like more room in the back seat or a great driving experience, you will love this car. On the other hand, if you are purely concerned with aesthetics and style, you may end up looking elsewhere