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Nissan GT-R Gold Edition Comes for 2016

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

2016 Nissan GT-R Gold Edition

Nissan has managed to update their GT-R supercar every year since its debut in 2007. This week they’ve unveiled specs for their updated 2016 model year, and with it a new limited edition variant. It’s the Nissan GT-R Gold Edition, and it’s a commemoration of the GT-R’s 45th anniversary.

Just to set the records straight, the R35 GT-R (the model we’ve loved since 2007) was the first GT-R under Nissan’s primary marque. However, it succeeded the R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R, aka. the Skyline GT-R, which was the car that originally earned the “Godzilla” nickname. In fact, first references to the GT-R as “Godzilla” can be traced all the way back to 1989 when it was in its R32 form. The original PGC10 Skyline GT-R was produced from 1969 to 1973 as a way to showcase Nissan’s racing prowess.

We mention this tidbit of history because the “Silica Brass” paint job that Nissan has used for the limited edition exterior is the exact same hue they used back in 2001 for the first R34 Skyline GT-R model.

So, how do you get one of these golden supercars for yourself?

2016 Nissan GT-R

Starting price for the standard Nissan GT-R Base Premium is the same as last year at $101,770. The Black Edition and NISMO models also stay the same at $111,510 and $149,990 respectively. If you’d like one of the Gold edition models, you’ll have to order a Base Premium trim and pay an extra $1,000 for the gold paintjob and a 45th anniversary plaque on the center console.

2016 Nissan GT-R Gold Edition plaque

Just $1,000 extra for a limited edition model sounds like a good deal to us, and it is, so you should contact your dealer ASAP since Nissan’s only planning to sell 30 Gold Edition models in the US.

Other than the Gold Edition, both the Premium and Black Edition models will get a slight 5 hp power increase for 2016, up to 542 hp (550PS) thanks to a few engine tweaks. However, pumping more power through the GT-R’s twin-turbocharged engine hasn’t made the car any more efficient, so fuel economy is still rated at 16 mpg city / 22 mpg highway.

2016 Nissan GT-R sports car

Finally, Nissan’s also added some slick-looking Rays 20-spoke forged aluminum alloys to the Premium trim (which also get carried over to the Gold Edition).

Japanese Car Auction Find – 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R

2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R

The folks over at Car Throttle just published a really cool side-by-side comparison between the old R34 GT-R and the current R35.

Naturally, the R35 won out in every single area; the only close comparison was in braking ability, which is due to the exceptionally large brakes of the R34 and the increased weight of the R35.

2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R rear

Still, R34 GT-Rs like the one up for auction here are an awesome collector’s car. This is a car with soul, and it’s the car most people think of when they hear “Godzilla”. They’re hard to find, the look is iconic, the performance is nostalgic and fun, and you’ll be impressed by just how fast you can go with the manufacturer-stated 280 hp. Despite being nearly a decade and a half old, it can still blast from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds.

2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R interior

For more information, checkout the auction sheet translation below:

2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R auction sheet

“Interior B, exterior condition B, first registered July 2002, GT-R model, 6-speed manual, AC, Endless brake calipers, HKS turbine and intercooler and computer and adjustable suspension and muffler and injectors and EVC, Trust radiator, ATS clutch (carbon fiber), LSD, Kin Pro 600 HP specification, lots of modifications, odometer replaced with Nismo item on October 2 2011, there is a sticker showing the odometer replacement record, the odometer was replaced at 24147KM and the current odometer reads 1342KM, lots of matt carbon fiber parts, stone chips in front windscreen, interior grime, end panel distortion, rear bumper reinforcement replaced, light scratches and waves, marks as per map”

This is the Epic New 2016 Acura NSX Supercar

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

2016 Acura NSX

It’s finally here – the car we’ve all been waiting for, and the undisputed king of the 2015 Detroit Motor Show. It’s the 2016 Acura NSX, back after 10 years of extinction, faster and better than ever before. This, folks, is the definition of a showstopper.

As you continue reading, you’ll get plenty of pictures, specs and even a video of the revived NSX supercar.

As you can see in the video, to say that the new NSX represents the future of Acura would be an understatement. This car simultaneously challenges the current status quo for performance cars everywhere and seeks to revive of the beloved Acura brand of old.

2016 Acura NSX supercar

It all starts under the hood with a powertrain that’s been in development since 2012.

The powertrain is a DOHC V6 engine, twin-turbocharged and paired with a 9-speed dual clutch transmission. But it’s more than just an engine; it’s a complete hybrid system with three independent electric motors – one for each front wheel, and one for the rear wheels, all working together to form a system that Acura dubs Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive.

2016 Acura NSX chassis

In the SHSHAWD system (quite an acronym, eh?) the two front motors improve forward traction, vector torque and overall handling, while the rear motor is dedicated to acceleration, gear shifting and braking. The role of the transmission can’t be overstated, and Acura promises track-level shifting that’s been tried and tested on circuits all over the world, including the renowned Nürburgring.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any specific performance specs yet, but Acura’s presentation in Detroit promises more than 550 horsepower, made all the more effective by the supercar’s lightweight, multi-material chassis. The NSX uses aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, several alloys and even ceramics (in the brake discs) to minimize weight and maximize on-track performance.

2016 Acura NSX rear view

The exterior design speaks for itself, so we won’t spend too much time discussing that to keep this post from turning into a book, but one thing you might not notice in the pictures is just how low the center of gravity is for this new NSX. Acura actually stretched the body by about 3 inches compared to previous concepts in order to accommodate a lower engine mount, aided by the highly compact valve train and dry-pump lubrication system.

The NSX only gets more advanced as you move inside the car, with four driving modes to choose from via Acura’s Integrated Dynamic System, which allows you to choose between Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track modes with the simple twist of a dial.

2016 Acura NSX human centered interior

Of course, the interior also boasts supercar-level aesthetics with immaculate visibility and what Acura promises to be relatively intuitive controls given the highly advanced nature of the car. This all fits in line with Acura’s stated goal of creating a “human-centered supercar”, even down to the seats which are ergonomically designed for both comfort and high-speed grip. You can see that the Acura NSX pictured here utilizes a vibrant red-and-black color-scheme with plenty of leather, which we assume varies to fit the exterior color.

To be honest, we could spend the rest of the week talking about the new Acura NSX and nothing else… That’s just how much time and development has gone into this car. Fortunately, we’ll have plenty more opportunities to talk about it between now and when the car goes on sale this summer, with deliveries starting later this fall. A starting price hasn’t been specified, but Acura tells us it’ll be in the ballpark of $155,000.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to watch the entire live unveiling below:

New 2016 Acura NSX Previewed Ahead of Detroit

Posted by Stephen On Saturday, December 20th, 2014

Acura is going to kick off the new year with the debut of their most highly anticipated car of the past decade – the revived, second-generation Acura NSX sports car. The Japanese automaker’s new supercar will be shown at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show in full, production-ready form. In the meantime, we’ve been given a few teaser images (like the one above) and a video preview, complete with an audio sample of the engine. Hear it for yourself below:

Ominous, isn’t it? And it should be, this is shaping up to be a truly epic car. That high-speed rev you hear in the video comes from a twin-turbocharged hybrid powertrain. We won’t have official specs until Detroit, but most rumors tell us to expect a 3.5L V6 engine paired up with no less than three sport-tuned electric motors, all working in conjunction through Acura’s acclaimed Sport Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system.

2016 Acura NSX Teaser rear

Now, to give you an idea of just how much demand has been drummed up for the 2016 Acura NSX, Honda actually started taking pre-orders – and lots of them – all the way back in 2013, just one year after the original NSX Concept’s debut at the beginning of 2012. Before that, Honda had developed a custom sports car based on the NSX Concept to be driven by Robert Downy Jr. (playing Iron Man) in The Avengers.

If you dig deep enough, you’ll find that the second-gen’s roots can be traced all the way back to 2007 – just two years after the original car ceased production – when Honda’s NA CEO, Tetsuo Iwamura, confirmed that they would eventually manufacture a hybrid supercar based on the then-new ASCC car (Advanced Sports Car Concept).

2016 Acura NSX Teaser

All that to say, it’s been a long wait for Honda’s motorsport enthusiasts. By the time the new NSX hits dealership floors at the end of 2015 as a 2016 model, NSX fans will have been waiting through almost a full decade of concepts and prototypes, all teasing this new model. But, we think it’ll be worth the wait, and Honda does do.

Acura’s senior VP, Mike Accavitti, believes that the new NSX will live up to the name of the original. “The next-generation NSX will deliver a ‘new sports experience’ true to its heritage and to the supercar concept that originally gave rise to the name NSX.”

Unfortunately, we don’t have much more than hype for you today. As we said of the beginning of this post, Acura has remained completely tight-lipped about technical specs. However, the teasers lead us to believe that the production car will closely resemble the 2013 NSX Concept in shape and form. Stay tuned at the beginning of January for the car’s full reveal in Detroit.

Infiniti Vision Gran Turismo 6 Concept Teased

Posted by Stephen On Friday, December 12th, 2014

2014 Infiniti GT6 Vision Concept

The Gran Turismo Vision garage is quickly becoming our favorite source of new automotive concepts. The latest automaker to release a concept for the virtual lineup is Infiniti, and their contribution to the video game’s 15th anniversary Vision challenge was teased today ahead of its full reveal at an unannounced later date. As you continue reading, you’ll get a look at each of the two infinity GT6 teasers, plus a couple good theories about what the concept could mean for the premium automaker:

Infiniti GT6 Vision Concept teaser

In case you’ve forgotten, Gran Turismo has already challenged several other automakers to contribute their version of a grand tourer sports car. Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, Mitsubishi, Audi, Honda, Chevrolet, Subaru, Toyota, BMW and even Infiniti’s parent company, Nissan, have all offered up their own answers to the GT6 Vision Challenge.

You may remember that Nissan actually manufactured a 2020 Concept show car that they brought to the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed earlier this year. It’s no surprise at all that the two early teasers we’ve seen for Infiniti’s Vision Gran Turismo 6 concept bear a slight resemblance to Nissan’s model. If anything, the Infiniti Vision GT6 concept looks like a curvier Nissan 2020. Here’s a quick look at the 2020 Concept:

2014 Nissan Gran Turismo Vision 2020 Concept

There are several design elements that really stand out when looking at the teasers for the Infiniti GT6 concept. We love the deep-cut side sills and the inversely-angled rear spoiler. The whole car looks very muscular, right down to the tendon-like nature of the A-pillar; kind of like a fusion between a fighter jet and a jungle cat. Even with these limited-view renderings, there is a clear depth to the design, so that the more you look at it, the more there is to see.

We can’t wait to see a full reveal of the concept, hopefully before the end of the year!

Now, obviously a car designed for a video game probably won’t ever make it to production, at least not without some serious changes. And let us be clear that there is no word from Infiniti execs on the matter of production intent – the Vision concept that Gran Turismo 6 players will be able to download and drive via an upcoming downloadable patch should be taken as nothing more than a study until an official source tells us otherwise.

With all of that being said…

Infiniti Q80 Inspiration Concept

Infiniti’s former CEO, Johan de Nysschen, had clearly expressed that he planned to add two new high-end sports cars to the premium automaker’s lineup within the next few years. One was to be a four-door coupe; the other was a two-door mystery car. We already saw the Infiniti Q80 Inspiration Concept (above) at the Paris Motor Show, which was a four-door coupe. Could this GT6 Vision Concept point towards a future two-door production car? It’s not guaranteed, but it’s certainly possible.

Stay tuned to Integrity Exports to see the full Infiniti GT6 Vision Concept as soon as it’s revealed.

Real-Life Nissan Concept 2020 Previews Next Nissan GT-R

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Nissan Vision Gran Turismo Concept

We already knew that Nissan’s Vision Gran Turismo model – a virtual car created for the PlayStation 3 racing game (pictured above) – would eventually have some real-life bearings; we just didn’t know exactly when or what they’d be. We suspected that the virtual supercar would have some ties to the next-generation GT-R, but now we know for sure. Nissan has confirmed all of our hopes with an in-the-metal debut of the Nissan Concept 2020 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, as seen in the video below:

What’s really interesting about this car is how it came about. Apparently, Nissan was asked to contribute to Gran Turismo 6 to commemorate the racing game’s 15th anniversary. This makes sense given that Nissan has been contributing to the Gran Turismo video games since the very first title. So, as a team from Nissan Design Europe was working to make the GT6 car as realistic as possible, a couple of their engineers realized that what they were developing could actually be a real car.

Nissan’s press release describes how, “The [Gran Turismo] model was considered to have so much potential that it has benefited from input from an advanced engineering team based at the Nissan Technical Center in Atsugi, Japan.” In the above video, Jann Mardenborough from the NISMO racing team described the car’s special relevance for him. As a recent graduate from Nissan’s GT Academy, a place where Nissan takes talented gamers and transforms them into real-life racecar drivers, the cross from virtual to reality is something he wants to see more of.

We have another video below that goes into more detail on the creative process that led to the car’s development:

As you can see, this was definitely a fun car to design, and both teams have created a perfect vision of what a high-performance Nissan might look like in the future. It’s fast, sleek, futuristic and exhilarating, and everyone will have a chance to drive it through the Gran Turismo video game.

As for the production model, it’s likely we won’t see the next GT-R anytime in the immediate future. Furthermore, Nissan has stated that the 2020 Concept is NOT a direct prequel to the next GT-R. In an interview with Autocar, Nissan design manager Darryl Scriven went on record saying, “I can’t talk about GT-R, but I can say the styling, the shapes, the volumes and the nuances here are something you will see in the future. There are cues on this car […] that will hint towards 2020.” Presumably the next GT-R is coming in 2020; quite a ways away.

In the meantime, Nissan’s Vision Gran Turismo Concept will be available for download on the PS3 sometime later this month, so it’s only a short wait for those of you aching to get behind the virtual wheel.

Japan Car Auction Find – 2009 Nissan GT-R Black Edition

Posted by Stephen On Friday, June 13th, 2014

All the talk about a possible new Nissan GT-R got us craving more of Nissan’s high-performance supercar. We just can’t help it; a car like the GT-R would give anyone the need for speed. So, to satiate our inner speed demon, we jumped over to our Integrity Exports Japanese car auction system to look through all the Nissan GT-Rs up for auction.

At the time of writing, there are 13 different Nissan GT-R models available for auction in Japan. Model years range from the original 2008MY to the latest 2013MY. Ultimately though, it was a 2009 Nissan GT-R Black Edition that finally caught our eye. Check it out:

2009 Nissan GT-R Black Edition front
2009 Nissan GT-R Black Edition back

As the pristine exterior indicates, this GT-R is a relatively low mileage auction find with just 2000 km on the odometer. More important, though, are its incredibly high ratings across the board.

Let’s start from the outside. This Nissan GT-R’s rich gray paint job is nearly spotless with an overall rating of 5. As you’ll see on the auction sheet at the bottom of this post, there are only two miniscule scratches across the entire exterior. As a Black Edition, this coupe stands out from other GT-R’s with a dry carbon fiber spoiler and 20-inch black alloy RAYS with custom-developed nitro-filled tires. It also features HID headlights (High Intensity Discharge).

2009 Nissan GT-R Black Edition interior

Inside, the GT-R Black Edition gets a unique red-and-black color scheme (as seen above) with leather-trimmed Recaro seating. This particular model also features the optional GT-R embossed floor panels for a little bit of extra swag. On the whole, the Black Edition feels similar to the NISMO color scheme without actually being a NISMO model, so we’re all for that.

Ultimately, though, the looks are only a small part of why you’d buy this – or any – Nissan GT-R. What has defined the GT-R since its launch in 2008 are its incredible driving dynamics. The GT-R-exclusive Premium Midship platform and rigidly stiffened chassis combined with the Black Edition’s run-flat performance tires and AWD allow for a driving style that’s both confident and fun. And of course, a big part of the coupe’s driveability must be attributed to the 3.8L DOHC V6 dual-turbocharged engine with a manufacturer-claimed 485hp.

As you can see, this really is an excellent Japanese car auction find. While we personally found this 2009 Black Edition to be the best of the bunch, we had a really good time looking through each of the different models. If you’re an Integrity Exports member, you should really give it a try!

Either way, keep reading below for a more detailed translation of this 2009 Nissan GT-R Black Edition’s auction sheet:

2009 Nissan GT-R Black Edition auction sheet

“Interior A, Black Edition, first registered March 2009, FAT, AC, service book, CBA emissions code, 1403KM, 4WD, original AWs power steering, power windows, original TV and navigation system, airbag, first time in auction, front power seats, rear view reversing camera, original DVD, original HDD navigation system, original digital TV, original AWs, intelligent key, xenon lights, paddle shift, seat belts say 2008, minor scratches, scraped under front bumper, marks as per map”

An interesting thing to note here is that the car was first registered in 2009 in Japan, but the seat belts state 2008. In a some countries, the date on the seat belt is taken to be the year of the car, as this shows when it was likely manufactured. Anyway, whether this is a “true” 2009 or a 2008 in your opinion, there is no doubt that it is a very low KM, very high quality example of a stupendous supercar.

Toyota & BMW to Partner on Two-Seat Hybrid Sports Car

Posted by Stephen On Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Toyota FT-1 Concept

All the way back at the end of 2011, Toyota and BMW announced a partnership that would help both brands further their fuel-cell, hybrid and lightweight technologies. Then, in 2012 the agreement was elaborated to include a new joint venture sports car. Finally, near the end of 2013 the two brands hinted that the venture would eventually yield a Z4 replacement for BMW and a Supra successor for Toyota.

Now, we’d originally expected to see the fruit of that agreement at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show, but Toyota gave us the FT-1 Concept instead. However, we now know that the FT-1 Concept may have struck closer to the Toyota-BMW agreement than we’d first thought… This is because AutoCar has just confirmed that the FT-1 bears striking similarities to the car the two brands eventually intend to produce.

First, though, let’s go back and look at which aspects of the future twin cars each brand intends to handle. Toyota plans to use their experience with the LMP1 sports car and the TS030 Le Mans prototype to develop a plug-in hybrid powertrain. BMW will reportedly be responsible for designing the chassis and body, and actually manufacturing the mechanics Toyota develops (engine, electric motors, etc.).

2014 BMW Z4

As you continue reading, though, do keep in mind that these are all still rumors at this point. Nonetheless, here’s everything else we know about the potential Z4/Supra successor:

Most of what we know revolves around the powertrain, since over the past six months Toyota has showcased some incredible new technologies in that department. Most notably, the new BMW-Toyota supercar is rumored to feature a front-engine, all-wheel drive configuration with a high-power hybrid system. In fact, it appears the car will feature technology very similar to what we saw in the Toyota Yaris Hybrid R last year in Frankfurt – a high-output, low-displacement direct-injection engine (the Yaris Hybrid R had 300hp with 1.6L) paired with three electric motors and supercapacitors instead of the typical lith-ion batteries.

In addition to the engine and motor configuration, the car is expected to utilize a sequential manual gearbox instead of a CVT, and lightweight technology as seen in BMW’s i3 and i8 sports cars. It will also use some of Toyota’s carbon fiber manufacturing technology that they perfected through the Lexus LFA supercar to simultaneously lighten and stiffen the car. Finally, driving mechanics will be perfected through Toyota’s torque vectoring control units.

Even though both hybrid supercars will feature the same underpinnings, it’s expected that Toyota and BMW will differentiate the specific exterior design. Personally, we hope that Toyota sticks pretty close to the FT-1 Concept, as that car looked spectacular.

Obviously, there’s a lot that we still don’t know about the potential BMW-Toyota supercar. We don’t know how much it will cost (although rumors put it in the six-figure range), what the exact powertrain numbers will be, or anything about its green technology. And we certainly don’t know when or where the car will make its debut. Having said that, we hope to get more concrete answers – if not a full preview – by the end of 2014.

Honda NSX Prototype to Race at 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Posted by Stephen On Friday, March 21st, 2014

Honda NSX Prototype

Every year, a plethora of high-performance cars gather at a certain British event known as the Goodwood Festival of speed. This year, the Festival is set to take place at the end of June (from the 27th to the 29th), and it’s a particularly special year for Japanese automaker and motorsports veteran, Honda. After several years of merely displaying their newest NSX Prototype at various motor shows and auto expos, this year they’re putting the pedal to the metal and racing the car at the aforementioned Festival of Speed.

For those of you who don’t know, the Goodwood Festival of Speed, known in the UK as simply the Festival of Speed or FoS for short, is performance car show and hillclimbing event. In motorsports, a hill climb is exactly that – an uphill course that driver’s race to complete in the fastest possible time. The Goodwood FoS features an intensive and world-famous 1.16 mile hillclimb that demands the best from its drivers and cars alike.

But, the FoS is more than just a race – it’s a commemoration of “legendary drivers, teams and manufacturers from around the world.” With a long history of motorsports success, obviously it’s a great event for Honda to participate in. This year, in addition to the racing NSX Prototype, Honda will also feature a “1989 3.0L NSX, once driven by Ayrton Senna himself, and a 2005 3.2L, illustrating the original model’s rich history and development.”

As for the NSX Prototype that will be making the climb, Honda has not revealed much new information that we didn’t already have. In a press release, they described how the supercar will get “an all-new, three-motor high-performance hybrid system that combines torque vectoring all-wheel drive with advanced hybrid efficiency through the use of three electric motors – one motor integrated with the V6 engine and it’s all-new dual-clutch transmission driving the rear wheels, and two motors driving the front wheels.”

These motors will use standard regenerative braking technology to maintain their power, complete with premium lithium-ion batteries. As the press release mentioned, it will get a new dual clutch transmission with “more than six gears”. We’re betting on a seven-speeder, but it could be more than that.

In short, it’s a high-tech supercar that will aim to compete with the best of the best when it officially launches in full production-spec in 2015. It’s rumored to displace either 3.5L or 3.7L, something powerful enough to compete with the likes of the BMW i8 or Porsche 911.

All in all, we can’t wait to see the inevitable videos of the Honda NSX Prototype making the intensive climb up the Goodwood FoS course. We’re sure it will be a pleasing experience in every way – both visually and audibly – so be sure to stay tuned in a couple months when the event actually takes place. Until then, thanks for reading and stay tuned tomorrow for even more Japanese car news!