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Honda’s New N Box Kei Car Takes Aim At Daihatsu Tanto

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Honda’s latest foray into Japan’s kei car market, the “N Box” is being priced to go head to head with kei specialist Daihatsu’s Tanto. The N Box will start from 1.24 million Yen, which puts it on par with the “X Special” version of the Tanto – although the base grade Tanto L model is 70,000 Yen cheaper. The N Box will go on sale in mid-December 2011.

On the other hand, when it comes to fuel economy,  the Honda is able to squeeze 25 km/l out of its 660 cc engine, which is marginally ahead of the older Tanto that  only manages 22.5 km/l. Although there are no figures for the interior dimensions of the Honda, the N Box is promising a high-roof roomy cabin experience that may well beat the Tanto on interior space also.

Take a look at the launch below and you will see the interior is impressively spacious. (I like the “Man Maximum – Mecha Minimum” slogan, too).

Source: Nikkei, Car Sensor Lab (both Japanese)