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Suzuki A:Wind Concept Unveiled at the 2013 Thailand Motor Show

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

In the wake of the LA and Tokyo motor shows, we find ourselves in the midst of yet another international motor show – the 2013 Thailand International Motor Expo. As you might expect, any motor show in Thailand is going to have a focus on city cars, which are typically most appealing to drivers in developing suburban markets. This explains why Suzuki chose to unveil their brand-new A:Wind Concept at this motor show… Just keep reading to learn more.

Suzuki A:Wind

As you can see, what we have here is a small car hatchback with the perfect proportions for city driving. It’s just over 11 feet long (3600mm), 5 feet wide (1600mm), and 5 feet high (1540mm).

There are two important things to know about the Suzuki A:Wind concept.

First, it likely previews the successor to the current Suzuki Alto.

Second, we know that the next-generation Alto is coming next year, which means that this concept is quite close to the production model. It’s not exactly what you’d call flashy, so that assumption seems very feasible.

Compared to the current iteration of the Suzuki Alto, the A:Wind Concept is a solid 200 mm longer and 70 mm taller. But, these extra inches are put to good use and allow the compact hatchback to boast an impressively spacious cabin, as seen below:

Suzuki A:Wind interior

It remains to be seen whether or not the vibrant interior color scheme will make it into production, but let’s hope it does. There’s just enough flash in the Suzuki A:Wind to separate it from the competition, and ideally the small Japanese automaker will maintain that flare into production.

We don’t actually know much more about the Suzuki A:Wind Concept. We know that it will be environmentally friendly, featuring a 1.0 L engine paired with a conventional CVT. Not necessarily powerful, but simple and efficient.

Other features that Suzuki lists include, “crisp handling, ECO friendly, roomy cabin and quality materials”.

All in all, the Suzuki A:Wind Concept is certainly not the most exciting car we’ve seen in 2013. But, there’s no doubt that it will be a very important vehicle for Suzuki. Now that they’re out of the US, they really have three primary markets: Europe, Japan and developing Asia. The Suzuki A:Wind Concept will undoubtedly help them conquer those last two, and may or may not have a significant impact in Europe.

If they want it to do well in English-speaking countries, they really need to reconsider the name. Sticking with “Alto” is definitely preferable to going with “A Wind” — or as the British would say, is it just “A Wind” up?

Just in case you need something else to watch, here’s the official Thailand unveiling of the Suzuki A: when concept. Be warned – it’s a little cheesy: