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Morgan Threewheeler Relaunched

Posted by Stephen On Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Small, light and frugal with good performance and a well-appointed interior? That seems to be the goal of the car type du jour – the city car. Even Aston Martin is getting into it with their (Toyota iQ) Cygnet.

So is it any surprise that a maker that has been working on small and light literally for generations comes up with their own model? OK, Morgan’s Threewheeler is not actually a city car as such. Although, I would think the economy of its 1800cc Harley engine is going to be quite reasonable. Nor is it exactly ideal for commuting with its lack of a roof – or even a sensible windshield.

But who can argue with 4.5 seconds in the 0-60 dash? And, by golly, I’m sure in this tiny car you will feel like you have been launched faster than that with such a small machine under you and the sky open above.

Not surprising for a car with such a long racing heritage. And when I say “long”, I mean very long. We are talking about the design that won the French Grand Prix… in 1913.

Morgan Threewheeler 2011

To finish the package up, you have this great “Bomber Command” paint job. All you need to do now, is buy one – and grow a handlebar mustache. Although the latter may sabotage the Threewheeler’s alleged pull as a “babe magnet” (as described by vintage Threewheeler former owner, Sir S Moss.)