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A Typical Day Buying Cars From Japan With Integrity Exports …

… you wake up and check your email: Two cars bought overnight, both under budget and both already booked on a ship. You’ve also just received a photo portfolio of a recent purchase. Looks great … your customer’s going to love it.

In another email, you notice that you’ve received that original auction invoice you asked for yesterday. You quickly compare the price on the invoice with the price you were charged and are happy to see that, once again, Integrity Exports has proved they’re honest.

Logging on, you quickly find 5 cars to bid on and you ask for translations of the auction sheets. You know you’ll have these back quickly, giving you time to consider your bidding strategy.

All done before you’ve had your first coffee. And as you look back on your time buying from Integrity Exports, you realize how smooth everything has been and how this has given you time and energy to focus on growing your business.

Get a FREE 7-inch tablet with your first car (conditions apply)

Did you know that we send you a free 7 inch tablet when you buy your first car and send us full payment? It’s our way of saying “thank you” to you for trusting us with your business — and it’s something else that no other Japanese car auction buyer does for you.

You know why do we do it? Because once you’ve bought one car from us, you won’t want to buy from anyone else. Click here and find out more.

Get started bidding in Japan's car auctions


Looking for the safest, smoothest way to buy cars from Japan’s car auctions? Look no further …

Integrity Exports is the only Japan car auction buyer that both guarantees no overrun on your bidding budget, and will also prove the auction price charged is the actual, genuine price of the car.

Not only that, but we were also the first Japanese car auction buyer to offer a totally secure, escrow payment service that prevents us from getting any of your money until your car has left Japan and the documents have been sent to you.

Our online car auction system is the most user-friendly in the business and helps you quickly find the best cars to bid on in all 120 used car auctions in Japan. It also helps you easily manage your stock and finances over the internet from anywhere in the world.

We don’t deal with customers inside Japan, or single-car private buyers from overseas, which means we are able to give you — our car dealer customers — the focused attention and services you need.

We promise you rapid, helpful communication in clear, native-speaker English from your own expert account manager so that you are never left wondering how to do something or what is happening with your cars.

Japan car auction buying that's smooth and secure

Why integrity is so important it’s at the heart of our business

We understand why our integrity is vitally important to you as a customer: You want to be able to get on with your business buying cars from the Japan car auctions and not wake up in a sweat at night wondering if you’re being cheated. That’s one reason we put integrity at the center of our business. So we really value the kind of customer feedback you can read above. Clearly our customers are experiencing that integrity in our business with them.

But pragmatic business reasons are not the main motivation for putting integrity right at the center of our business. The main driving force is that the key people involved in running Integrity Exports are people who follow Jesus.

Now, we will give you the same top-class service whatever your beliefs. And we have customers from many different cultural and faith backgrounds. But we hope that you will experience something of the Person we follow in the way we interact with you and help you as you go about buying cars from the auctions in Japan. Feel free to ask us about Jesus at any time.

More reasons we are the #1 choice for buying cars from auctions in Japan…

  • Thousands of cars of combined industry experience.
  • No charges for detailed auction inspection report translations.
  • No charges for unsuccessful bids.
  • We only buy to order from the auctions.
  • We don’t push unwanted stock on you (because don’t have any!)
  • No private, one-car customers.
  • We focus 100% on car dealers like you.
  • No sales in Japan — we are the car export experts.
  • Experienced in shipping to every continent (except Antarctica).
  • RORO and container shipping options.
  • Super-strength container loading system can handle 16 times the car’s weight.
  • Shipping bookings can be assured by as little 24 hours after the auction has ended.
  • Full valet of every car prior to photo shoot.
  • Impressive photo portfolio helps you to sell the car before it’s even arrived.
Get started bidding in Japan's car auctions