About Integrity Exports

Smooth & Stress-Free Buying from Japan’s Car Auctions

We have listened to customers and have found out that what they want most from a Japanese car exporter is peace of mind and a smooth buying experience. This focus  informs everything we do. For example:

  • Customers always know exactly what is happening with clear, regular communication from a native English speaker who is also fluent in Japanese.
  • The whole buying, exporting and shipping process handled smoothly without need of customer intervention.
  • Our integrity and transparency means our customers sleep easy at night.

You get all of these and more when you buy your cars from Integrity Exports. No surprises, no stress.

Why Integrity Is So Important To Us

Doing business the right way is very important to us. Not simply for pragmatic reasons, but also because both Seiji Tanaka and Stephen Munday are Christians who want to follow Jesus in every aspect of life, including business.

We want to give the best service to all our customers. We know some of these customers also follow Jesus. But there are others who come from other faiths or none. This doesn’t change the way we interact with them. We will always give our best to all our customers.

If you are interested (and this is entirely up to you), this video below gives a beautiful visual presentation of the basics of what we believe.

Who We Are

Stephen Munday is originally from the UK and he handles customer assistance and all translation work. Stephen has spent over 12 years living and working in Japan, as well as for Japanese companies outside of Japan. He is fluent in Japanese, having passed the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in 1999, and he also gained an MA in Advanced Japanese Studies (with Distinction) in 2000 from the University of Sheffield in the UK. He now lives with his family in Kanazawa, Japan.

He has worked in educational environments in Japan, as well as for Internet Support (a web development company in Anjo, Japan), VideoSystem (a now-defunct Japanese video game company in Manchester, UK) and for Provide Cars (a car exporter in Nishinomiya, Japan). Stephen has over 8 years of experience in the field of exporting cars from Japan.

Stephen blogs regularly here about car news from Japan. His stories have been featured in Autoblog, Autoblog Green, Green Car Congress, Engadget and other major car and tech-related blogs and websites.

Seiji Tanaka is Japanese and has experience living in Mozambique and New Zealand. Seiji handles all Japan-side work and outsourcing from bidding to exporting. Seiji has over 10 years of working in the car exporting field.

We outsource much of our operations in Japan, and so we are also grateful to hand-picked suppliers who look after our customers’ vehicles and make the process as smooth as possible.

Integrity Exports is a trusted member of JUMVEA (Japan Used Car Exporters Association) – member number 000436.

JUMVEA Member Integrity Exports

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