Auction Buying and Export Services Overview

Buying used cars from Japan’s car auctions does not need to be stressful if you are buying with Integrity Exports.

This is what happens with a standard purchase:

1. You search for cars

Integrity Exports' Japanese car auction search screen

See how our online car auction system works here, or see for yourself with a free guest log in.

2. You enter some bids and ask for translations

Entering a bid in Integrity Exports' online Japan car auction system

3. You get translations back and decide which bids to go ahead with

Japan car auctions sheet translation

Learn more about our professional translations here.

4. We bid live at the Japanese car auctions

Live bidding at Japan's car auctions

5. Cars bought are transported to the port

Car carrier truck

6. Documentation is prepared and shipping booked

Japan car export documents

7. The cars are shipped to you

RORO car shipping

We can arrange shipping and your cars are sent to the destination you specify.

The process above shows how a standard export works. We are also able to help with more complex cases – for example, container shipping, arranging QISJ or JEVIC inspections if your country requires them.

Please contact us here to ask us for specific details.

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