Trusted JUMVEA Member Integrity Exports

We don’t expect you to just take our company name at face value. Yes, we are not called “Integrity Exports” for nothing – we value integrity above all else in our business. But we don’t expect you just to take this simply on faith.

This is why we are members of JUMVEA (member number 000436) – the official industry body called the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters’ Association. And don’t just take our word for this either – click here to see our page on JUMVEA’s website.

Integrity Exports is a trusted Japanese used car exporter approved by JUMVEA

So why should you care about whether your supplier is in JUMVEA or not?

Well, it is always good business to make sure that any company you are doing business with is reputable. How much more so when that company is the other side of the world from you, and when the sums of money involved are large?

By dealing with a JUMVEA member such as Integrity Exports, you can be sure that the company you are buying from has been vetted by this independent association and is who they say they are.  You know, JUMVEA does not just check out documentation, it even sends a person out to meet with a prospective member’s representative and check out their place of business. If JUMVEA finds anything fishy, then that is the end of that company’s membership prospects.

JUMEA is itself a recognized trade association authorized as such by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in Japan with a long history stretching back to 1995.

In the very worst case scenario, if something goes wrong in your dealings with a JUMVEA member, you can always contact JUMVEA and have them help you sort it out. Deal with a non-JUMVEA member and you are on your own.

Of course, we believe that we have more to offer our customers that just official recognition, but if you are looking for a good supplier, JUMVEA membership is definitely one of the key points you should be considering before you start buying.

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