Why Does Integrity Exports Require A Deposit?

Before you start buying cars through us, you need to send us a deposit. At 100,000 Yen for the regular deposit, it is not a lot of money. (If you want to buy a very expensive car, then we may ask for a larger amount). In fact, 100,000 Yen much less than the cost of most cars.

And this deposit is not just for a single car in a single auction – it is for the whole time you are buying through us. Whether you buy 2 cars or 200 cars while you are with us makes no difference – you just need a single deposit there.

The real question

Now, you may be wondering why Integrity Exports requires a deposit when there are other Japanese car exporters who do not.

But the real question you have to ask yourself is this:

“Why would you even think of buying from an exporter who did not require a deposit?”

After all, there’s no way you would do it.

Just take a moment to think about how this business works:

Imagine you are a car exporter in Japan. Someone who you have never met before, in a country you have never even visited in your whole life contacts you and tells you he wants you to get him some cars: “You buy the cars at the auctions, and I promise I’ll pay you – honestly!”

So what do you do?

You know that if you buy cars at the auctions, these auctions are going to expect payment in full within a week. What if you bought some cars using your own money – only to find that this guy who said he wanted them just walked away and refused to pay?

After all, with no deposit paid, he loses nothing if he walks away.

Think of it another way:

What if you were a car dealer? Would you really let someone come in and drive off with one of your cars without some sort of deposit?

“I’m just off for a test drive. See you later!”

And this is someone who is at least in the same country as you! As a car exporter, by definition, all your customers are overseas.

Desperate times and desperate measures

The sad fact of the matter is that there are a lot of Japanese car exporters out there who are extremely desperate for your business. These exporters are on their knees. They are desperate and they are begging.

They are willing to do anything to get you or anyone else to sign up and start buying through them. Often they are heavily leveraged with large loans and have the banks breathing down their necks demanding payment. They are desperate to show these banks they are still viable:

“Look, sir! We signed up another customer! Please don’t call our loan in….”

That niggling fear

You may think that this makes it a buyers market – putting you in the driver’s seat – and in some ways you are right. But here is the crucial question for you before you start buying from someone who says they don’t need a deposit:

If these guys are in such a bad position that they desperate enough to buy cars without any sort of deposit… how do I know they are going to stick around and send me the cars I have paid for? What if they go out of business next week?

Integrity Exports: Safe and Solid

The reason we at Integrity Exports are not taking these kinds of crazy risks is that we are a stable and solid business. We are in this for the long term, and we are not scrabbling around trying to pick up pennies from in front of the proverbial steamroller.

Let’s face it, if you get cars from an exporter who does not require a deposit, you are always going to have that fear in the back of your mind: “These guys must be desperate! I wonder whether they will still be around next week?”

At Integrity Exports, we don’t take these kinds of risk. We run our business sensibly and carefully. You can count on us, and sleep well at night. It’s just one part of making buying from the car auctions stress-free and smooth for you.

Want to know more? You always know where you stand with us, because it is all there in black and white in our Terms of Business. And if you have a question, you can always send us an email – and be pleasantly surprised by the quick, friendly response.

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