Buying A New Car Direct from Japan

You may be wondering whether you could save some money sourcing your next brand new car directly from Japan. After all, if you are thinking of buying from one of the major Japanese manufacturers, it seems like it would make sense to go directly to the source and potentially get a better deal.

Buying new through a Japanese car dealer

[Please note that we are not currently offering this service. We can get delivery mileage cars from the auctions, so please refer to the details at the bottom of this page.]

Now, it is possible to get new cars from Japan, however there are a few things to bear in mind when you are doing this.

First of all, new cars sold in Japan by the Japanese manufacturers are all right hand drive cars. So if you are looking for a new LHD Lexus or something like that, then you will not be able to source it from Japan.

The next thing to be clear about is that technically only the manufacturers can ship “new” cars from Japan. Now, what that means is that only the manufacturers will be able to supply documentation which states clearly that the car is “new”.

However, this does not prevent Japanese car exporters, like Integrity Exports, from getting you a car that is new. The way that we can do this is to buy the car from the dealer and have it registered in our name. We then immediately de-register it without ever using it. According to the official Japanese paperwork, it is then a “used car” with one previous owner that we are then permitted to export. The thing is that in reality it is still a new car which no one has ever driven.

The final issue to remember when considering buying a car in this way is that some of the manufacturers are stricter than others when it comes to pressuring their dealers into not selling new cars to exporters.

After all, if you are Nissan, you don’t want some import car from Japan competing with the new cars you are trying to sell locally in the overseas market. The result is that it may not be possible to buy particular models or particular brands. The only way you can find this out is by contacting us and having us look into this for you.

The advantage of having us buy the new car for you from the Japanese dealer directly is that you can specify the exact model, color, trim and accessories. However, on the other hand, the car has to be registered in Japan prior to us de-registering it for shipping, so this can add extra expense to the total purchase price.

Getting delivery mileage only cars through the Japanese car auctions

If you are looking for a car that is basically new, but you are not too concerned about specifying the exact details of the vehicle, then I would strongly recommend taking a look at grade 7, 8, 9 and S cars in the car auctions in Japan. Although these are technically “used” cars, they will usually have delivery mileage only. You will not have to pay the taxes that you would if you sourced the car from the new car dealer, and the price you can expect to pay will be below the list price.

For example, taking a look at grade S Honda CR-Zs sold in the Japanese car auctions in the last 3 months (prior to 8 Feb 2011), the auction sale prices range from 1.9 to 2.2 million Yen for the top-of-the-range “alpha” model, which is quite a bit less than the new list price which is 2.489 million Yen at the same time of writing.

Why not check out the car auctions in Japan for yourself?

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