Japanese Car Auction Sheet Translation Service

You will definitely want a professional auction sheet translation if …

You are not buying your cars through us and:

  • Your supplier has given you a copy of the auction sheet, but has not translated it for you.
  • Your supplier has given you a translation, but you want a second opinion just to make sure.
  • You have seen the car at a local dealer, and you want peace of mind you are not buying a lemon.
  • You want to keep your supplier honest!

(You don’t want to buy any of these paid translation services from us if you also get your cars through us as … you will get this great service for free!)

If you want the kind of peace of mind that only a truly professional auction sheet translation can give you, then read on!

Customers like you love our service.

Check out some of the feedback we have had.

Phil in the UK was wondering what the car he was looking at buying in the UK was like when it was bought at the auctions in Japan, so he sent us the auction sheet for translation:

Thanks for the extremely quick reply Stephen. Absolutey fantastic
service. I guess you must have translated it over your bowl of
cornflakes….or the Japanese equivalent!

That has given me peace of mind to go ahead with the purchase. My gut
feeling from viewing and driving the vehicle today was that it was in
pretty good shape for the year, but I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t
missed anything.

The Japanese inspectors must be pretty good…I thought the interior
was very good but I obviously missed the cigarette burns. Also very
handy to know that it has aftermarket suspension on it.

– Email from auction sheet translation customer, Phil S. (Surrey, UK)

Damitha in Sri Lanka had already bought his car through the auctions, but was wondering what the auction sheet actually said. (I wonder why the exporter he was using didn’t translate for him?)

Anyway, he emailed me:

The translation service is excellent. Gave all the information I wanted.
I will fully recommend it to anyone over here in Sri Lanka.

– Email from auction sheet translation customer, Damitha L. (Sri Lanka)

What do I get?

Well, first of all you get the same high quality of translation that we give our regular bidding customers.

Stephen, who will be doing your translations, has had experience of translating literally thousands of auction sheets over the years. 15 ago he passed the highest level of the JLPT (the standard Japanese proficiency examination), has an MA in Advanced Japanese Studies (Distinction)  from Sheffield University in the UK, and also has had well over a decade of experience working in Japanese-language environments.

You can read more about how we translate and what you will get in your translation here. You should also read this to see some example translations and so that you understand some of the limitations of translating these car auction inspection reports.

Single (1) auction sheet translation (1,500 Yen)

Make payment through PayPal and then simply email us (translations@integrityexports.com) a readable image of a scan of the auction sheet, or alternatively email us the auction name and number if the auction is being held on the present day.

We will then get the translation of the auction sheet back to you within 24 hours on a Japan weekday (send us an image by email).

So, for 1,500 Yen with this plan you:

  • Get an accurate English translation of one Japanese car auction sheet.
  • Get a scanned auction sheet translated within 24 hours on a non-holiday weekday (JST).

Click the button below to buy this single auction sheet translation service. Please make sure the email you use to contact us is the same one as you use for Paypal so we know who you are.

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