Aucnet Car Auctions

Aucnet auctions are held weekly on Mondays in Japan. Aucnet auctions differ from the other used car auctions in Japan in that there is no specific location where these auctions are held. So, whereas the auction house USS has USS Osaka, USS Nagoya, USS Tokyo etc, Aucnet has no physical location where cars are all gathered together to be viewed and sold.

Aucnet sells used cars that are on the premises of used car dealerships throughout Japan. Aucnet claims a network of 7,000 dealers throughout Japan, so in that sense you could say that they have the largest number of auction locations of any auto auction house.

The other way in which Aucnet is different to other used car auctions in Japan is that they are known for having very stringent grading. In this they are also on a par with TAA auctions.

The upshot is that with Aucnet you tend to get nicer cars (these are, after all, the cars that the dealers are actively also trying to sell to the public on their lots) that are graded relatively more strictly. So if you are after particularly nice vehicles and are prepared to pay slightly higher prices as a result, Aucnet car auctions on Monday can be a good place to get them.

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