Buying Cars from Yahoo Auctions in Japan

Yahoo Auctions in Japan is the Japanese equivalent of eBay in the US or UK. Just like these English-language sites, Yahoo Auctions in Japan offers a huge range of different products for sale – including used cars.

So, first of all, what would be the benefits of buying a car through Yahoo Japan’s Auction website? Well, one possibility is that anyone can get access to Yahoo Auctions. All you need is your web browser and Google Translate and you should be able to navigate around. Obviously, this is going to be a less-than-ideal way of finding out the detailed condition of the car, but at least you can look around with no problems. Secondly, it is possible that you will find a car that meets your specifications more exactly.

Despite these seeming advantages, Integrity Exports strongly recommends customers to avoid buying used cars from Yahoo Japan auctions. There are a number of reasons, the most compelling of which I will explain below:

First, there is the point of access. Yes, you can see cars in the Yahoo auctions online without the registration process required by most Japanese car exporters to view the car dealer auctions, but to be honest the additional difficulty is pretty minimal. You would be hard-pressed to even take as long as 1 minute to sign up on our site – and then you can view all the cars in the Japanese car auctions through an English-language interface.

Then there are the numbers of vehicles. Well, sure there are a fairly decent number of used cars in Yahoo Japan’s auctions – but there are not tens of thousands being auctioned 6 days per week. So you might see a car you particularly like in Yahoo Japan, but the sheer numbers in the car dealer used car auctions that we buy from means that it is pretty likely that you will be able to find a similar vehicle there without much difficulty.

When you are buying from eBay Autos, you have the advantage of being able to call on CarFax for a detailed report about the car. This is not the case with Yahoo Japan Auctions. The cars there do have an inspection report. But, guess who writes it? Yes, the seller! While Japanese people are very honest in general, the anonymity of online auctions can bring out the worst in people if they see a way to exploit the system, and there are stories of items never existing, and even cars consisting of two cars welded together that illustrate the dangers well.

On the other hand, when you buy through the dealer-only Japanese car auctions that we get cars for our customers from, you don’t just have to take our word for the car’s condition, there is also the car auction inspector’s detailed report which will give you an independent and insightful understanding of the vehicle before you bid.

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