Bid Groups Help You Net the Best Cars Quicker & Cheaper

Fish with a net — not a pole — in the ocean of choice that is Japan’s car auctions.

There’s so much choice of great quality cars to bid on in Japan’s car auctions. Remember, there are often well over 30,000 cars available on any given day.

But you’re not going to be able to really make the most of that choice if you can only bid on them one at a time.

The problem — bidding on one car at a time

Think about it this way: Let’s imagine you’re after a Toyota Alphard from 2005 with 60 to 80,000 KM on the clock and a grading of 4 to 4.5. Well, if you were going to bid today, you’d find 4 cars to bid on. Maybe you would eliminate one or two of these after seeing the auction inspector’s report translation.

But what will you do with the rest? You’d be happy with any of them. So which one to choose?

The solution — bid groups

With a lot of other exporters, you’d be left with the unenviable task of having to pick just one to bid on, wait for the outcome, and then trying one at a time on the following days to get a result.

Not with Integrity Exports.

You see, we know you’d be happy with any one of those Alphards, and you just don’t want to choose one and wait till tomorrow to find out if you’ve won it — or if you need to go looking all over again.

So we let you bid on all of them … using bid groups.

What are bid groups?

So, first of all, what are bid groups? Simple: A bid group lets you cluster together bids and tell us the outcome you want for each group.

Here’s an example:

Imagine you’re looking to buy four cars: The Alphard mentioned above, a Corolla, and two Honda Insights. You search our system and find these cars that meet your requirements in tomorrow’s auctions:

  • 3 Alphards
  • 2 Corollas
  • 4 Insights

Here’s what you do – you bid on all of them …

but when you bid, you enter the following comments on each bid:

On the Alphard bids — “Just one Alphard today, please.”

On the Corolla bids — “Just one Corolla today, please.”

On the Insight bids — “Max 2 Insights today, please.”

Of course, we’re talking about auctions, so we can’t guarantee you’ll get any cars. But we do guarantee that the most you’ll have will be 1 Alphard, 1 Corolla and 2 Insights — exactly what you want, and much quicker than if you had just been bidding on one car per day.

And not just quicker: The fact that you can maximize your bidding opportunities means you can aim your bids towards the lower end of the market price spectrum for each car and skim off the very best value vehicles.

Want to see the Japanese car auctions for yourself?

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