Finding Hybrid Cars in Japan’s Car Auctions

Until recently, “hybrid” was tightly associated with Japanese cars – and of Japan’s manufacturers, it was Toyota with their Prius model that has really been the poster child of the hybrid revolution. In early 2011, Toyota’s hybrid sales alone passed 3 million vehicles, cementing this highly-efficient drive-train’s place in the mainstream.

How can you find hybrid cars in Japan’s car auctions?

If you are interested in getting a hybrid car of any description, Japan’s car auctions are a great place to start. After all, Japan is the home of the hybrid, and the car auctions have a huge selection of vehicles available every day.

So the question is how can you find these hybrid cars in the Japanese car auctions?

The most efficient way is by chassis type. The chassis type is the combination of letters and numbers at the the beginning of the chassis number (VIN number).

Take a look at the auction sheet below and you can see what I mean. This is a 2008 Toyota Prius. As you can see, its chassis type is NHW20, and its full chassis number / VIN is NHW20-7837381:

Toyota Prius NHW20 2008 car auction sheet from car auction in Japan

Chassis types of hybrid cars in Japan

Here is a list of hybrid cars with their chassis types that are available in Japan as new or used cars:


Prius (NHW10, NHW11, NHW20, ZVW30)
Estima Hybrid (AHR10W, AHR20W)
Crown (JKS175, GBS12, GWS204, AWS210, GSW214)
Alphard Hybrid (ATH10W, ATH20W)
Vellfire Hybrid (ATH20W)
Kluger Hybrid (MHU28W)
Harrier Hybrid (MHU38W, AVU65W)
Prius Alpha 7-seater (ZVW40W)
Prius Alpha 5-seater (ZVW41W)
Prius PHV (ZVW35)
Aqua (NHP10)
Camry (AVV50)
Corolla Axio (NKE165)
Corolla Fielder (NKE165G)
Voxy (ZWR80G)
Noah (ZWR80G)


GS (GWL10, GWS191)
LS (UVF45, UVF46)
HS (ANF10)
CT (ZWA10)
IS (AVE30)
NX (AYZ10, AYZ15)


Tino (PV10)
Fuga (HY51)
Cima (HGY51)
Serena (HC26, HFC26)
Skyline (HV37, HNV37)


CR-Z (ZF1, ZF2)
Insight (ZE1, ZE2, ZE3)
Civic Hybrid (ES9, FD3)
Fit Hybrid (GP1, GP4, GP5)
Fit Shuttle Hybrid (GP2, GP3)
Accord Hybrid (CR6)
Accord Plug In Hybrid (CR5)
Vezel (RU3, RU4)


Twin (EC22S)
Wagon R (MH44S)


Dignity (BHGY51)
Outlander PHEV (GG2W)


XV Hybrid (GPE)


Axela Hybrid (BYEFP)


Hijet (S320V)
Altis (AVV50N)
Mebius (ZVW41N)

Mercedes Benz

S400 HYBRID (221095, 221195)


ActiveHybrid 7L (KX44L)
ActiveHybrid 7 (KX44)

How to use chassis codes to find hybrid cars in the auctions

Using chassis codes to find hybrid cars in the Japanese car auctions is very easy. First of all, you do need to have access to the auctions, so if you are not a customer yet you can sign up here, or just take a look using our 14-day free guest pass you can sign up for in 1 minute here.

Now you are ready, so go ahead and log in and you will see the screen below. Where it says “Chassis”, enter one of the chassis codes above.

As you can see, in the example below, I am going to search for Toyota Priuses with the chassis code NHW20.

Once you have entered the chassis code, you can then click the search button and all the cars of that chassis type that are available in the upcoming auctions will be displayed.

How to search for hybrid cars in Japanese car auctions

If you have any questions about how to buy hybrid cars from used car auctions in Japan, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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