Interior and Exterior Auction Grades

The car’s interior and (sometimes) exterior condition is also described using a grading system. In this case, the grade can be from A to F, with A being the best and F the worst, as you would expect.

However, the grading is relative. So an interior grade of “B” means simply that the car has an interior condition that is average considering the age and mileage of the vehicle. So you can see how an interior grade of B for a 1995 car with 123,000 KM on it cannot mean the same as an interior grade of B for a 2007 car with 47,000 KM on the clock.

So, in the case of a regular (“stock”) car, a grading of “A” for the exterior or interior means that these are above average for the age and KM of the vehicle, a grade of “B” means average, and “C” means below average.

Generally, an interior grade below “C” means that the interior has been modified. This is often true in the case of highly modified street racers that have had roll cages fitted, and seats and interior trim removed. These cars will have interior grades of “D” or below.

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