Car Auction Grade 1

Japanese car auction inspectors usually use a grading of 1 to refer to either heavily modified cars (such as those with aftermarket turbo chargers), or cars with fire extinguisher or flooding damage.

The cars that have had fire extinguisher damage have not necessarily actually been on fire. The reason a fire extinguisher has been used is often to erase fingerprints and other evidence when a stolen vehicle is abandoned.

Grade 1 is a very rare grading. Based on the auction data on the day of making this video, less than one car in one thousand is graded this way. However, if you are interested in buying cars from auctions in Japan, it would be worth watching this screencast video as I talk you through the auction inspectors’ reports of two cars that are grade 1.

(Make sure you watch the video in full screen mode so you can see auction inspectors’ reports clearly.)

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