Car Auction Grade 3

The used car auctions in Japan tend to use grade 3 for two kinds of vehicles: Those that are either fairly rough in some aspect (such as mechanically, or in terms of the exterior condition), and those that have very high levels of mileage. In this video we look at two Mazda Demios that are good examples of these two approaches.

You will also find many grade 3s which are a combination of rougher condition with relatively high mileage. As I have written elsewhere, you need to keep it in your mind that the overall auction grade is subjective and this is especially true with this lower level of grading. In order to really understand the condition of any vehicle, you must make sure you get one of our professional auction sheet translations that all our bidding customers are entitled to.

As with the other videos about the Japanese car auctions on this website, please make sure you watch this one in full screen mode so that you can see all the details as I walk you through these two grade 3 Demio car auction sheets.

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