Car Auction Grade 4

Used cars sold in car auctions in Japan are graded 4 if they are basically solid cars, but with some defects or higher mileage.

As with grade 4.5, there can be a wide range of age and mileage. This is even more true of grade 4 cars, which is why it becomes much more important to get a translation of the auction inspector’s Japanese comments in order to make sure you are bidding on a good one. In another video I showed how a grade 4 can sometimes have some nasty issues hiding in the comments, but this does not have to concern you if you are buying from us and getting our professional translations before you bid.

Along with grade 3.5, grade 4 is one of the most widely awarded gradings in the Japanese car auctions, as well as being one of the most popular grades to purchase for export.

The breadth of the grade can mean that there are “good” grade 4s that in another auction could well have been graded 4.5, and also there are “poor” grade 4s that are similar to many grade 3.5 cars. Once again, the key to finding the best ones is to have us give you a clear and comprehensive translation of the auction inspector’s report.

Watch the video below as I talk you through the auction inspector’s reports for two grade 4 used cars. One is newer with higher mileage, and the other is older but with low mileage. This gives you a good idea of the range of cars you are likely to see with a grading of 4 in the car auctions in Japan.

(As with all these videos, please watch in full screen mode so you can see the details of the auction inspector’s reports as I talk about them).

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