Car Auction Grades R, RA, A and Zero

Car auctions in Japan use a range of grades to refer to cars that have had some accident repairs. The exact grade designations they use can vary from auction to auction, but generally R, RA, A and 0 (zero) can be considered comparable.

Cars of this grade can carry a minor “stigma” for being graded as repair history cars. However, it is worth remembering that cars of grades 3, 3.5 and even 4 may also have had repairs. What may be graded RA in one auction, could be a grade 3.5 in another auction. This is why we always remind customers that grades can only be used as the most general categories, and in order to really understand a car they should always get a translation prior to bidding.

Please watch the video below as I talk you through two typical repair grade cars. Remember to watch in full screen mode so you can see the car auction inspectors’ reports clearly as I explain them.

These repair history cars can be a good source of bargains at the auctions, and you can find out more about this here.

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