Ungraded Cars in the Car Auctions

Some cars at the Japanese car auctions are “ungraded”. What this means is that they are sold as-is with the inspector often only noting visible major exterior damage on the auction sheet. Also, notes that the seller writes on the auction inspection report about the car are crossed out by the inspector or blocked out with large stamps to tell the reader to ignore these comments.

Just to reiterate, these cars are always sold as-is and serious problems should be expected. (After all, if they did not have serious issues, they would be graded with a number or letter as we have seen in looking at the other auction grades.)

Take a few minutes to watch the video below in full screen mode as I take you through the details of the auction inspectors’ reports for two ungraded cars so that you have an idea of what this grade in the Japanese car auctions represents.

Please note that at Integrity Exports we strongly advise customers to avoid these ungraded cars in the auctions as they represent very high risk, along with high potential for escalating costs which cannot be predicted prior to bidding.

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