TAA Car Auctions

General Overview

TAA stands for Toyota Auto Auctions, one of the major car auction houses in Japan. Indeed, it was actually the first auto auction in Japan, starting with three kaijo (auction locations) in 1967 – Kanto, Chubu and Kinki.

TAA also pioneered the first online auction system, allowing users in the southern most islands of Okinawa to bid simultaneously at any of these three auction locations. This online service was extended in 1999 to allow any TAA members to bid from their PCs.

Since 2000, TAA has added locations in Tohoku, Kyushu, Yokohama, Minami (south) Kyushu, Hiroshima, Hokkaido and Shikoku to its roster of auction locations. Although TAA had been a pioneer in the earlier years, in this later expansion it has been playing catch-up with USS.

So TAA is not the largest auction group, but with 10 auction locations, it is a major player in terms of volume. TAA also has a very good reputation for quality as well, with grading standards at TAA car auctions appearing, at least subjectively, to be stricter than at some other auctions.

TAA auction locations and days

Tuesday (Western Japan)

TAA Kyushu
TAA Minami Kyushu
TAA Hiroshima
TAA Shikoku
TAA Kinki

Thursday (Central and Eastern Japan)

TAA Chubu
TAA Kanto
TAA Tohoku
TAA Hokkaido


TAA Yokohama

Please note that this schedule is subject to change and is for reference only.

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