USS Car Auctions

General overview

The USS group is the largest of the auction houses in Japan, operating at a total of 18 locations every week from the far Northern island of Hokkaido right the way down to the very South of Kyushu. Not only does USS operate the largest number of auction locations (kaijo in Japanese), but also this auction house also is responsible for the largest used car auction in Japan – USS Tokyo – where cars in up to 10 lanes are auctioned simultaneously throughout the day on Thursdays.

The first USS auction was a humble affair with just 255 vehicles being auctioned. The key to USS’s very strong growth from here to a dominating position of 33.7% share of the auto auction market has been its aggressive deployment of information technology solutions pioneering the widespread introduction of electronic and remote bidding. The advent of the Internet has accelerated this and the other auction houses struggled to keep up.

In 2008, the USS group sold more than 2.9 million vehicles. Now, to put that in perspective, that is an average of 58,000 per week. Yes, you read that right – per week.

(By the way, in case you are wondering what “USS” stands for, it has nothing to do with the US navy or Star Trek. It actually is an acronym of “Used car System Solutions”.)

USS auction locations and days


USS-R Nagoya


USS Yokohama


USS Sapporo
USS Fukuoka
USS Kobe
USS Niigata


USS Tokyo


USS Nagoya
USS Osaka
USS Saitama
USS Hokuriku


USS Kyushu
USS Ryutsu
USS Gunma
USS Shizuoka
USS Okayama

Please note that this schedule is subject to change and is for reference only.

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