Japan’s Used Cars Are Newer With Lower Mileage

The first reason you should be interested in getting used cars from Japan is that they are going to be newer with lower mileage than you are used to seeing in your local market.

Just take a look at these statistics:

Japan’s used cars are younger

Check out these statistics on the average age of cars in various countries:

Average age of cars in Japan, US and EU

  1. Japan = 7.56 Years
  2. EU = 8.1 years
  3. USA = 8.4 years

Japan’s used cars have lower mileage

These figures below show the number of kilometers a typical car is driven on average each year:

Average kilometers cars driven each year in US, EU and Japan

  1. Japan = 9,300 KM
  2. EU = 15,000 KM
  3. USA = 19,310 KM

Put these these two statistics together and what do we find out?

Just multiply the average age by the average kilometers driven every year, and you will see a huge gap between Japan’s cars and those of these other first world countries.

A typical car in each of these locations will have the following mileage:

Typical car in US, Japan and EU

  1. Japan = 70,308KM
  2. EU =  121,500 KM
  3. USA = 162,204 KM

So a typical car in Japan will have less than half the mileage on the clock as a typical car in the US! As you can see, the car in front is not just the Toyota – but also the Nissan, the Honda, the Mazda and all the other cars that you can buy used from Japan. And the best place to buy these used cars from Japan? The Japanese car auctions.

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