Unique Guarantee #1: Never Over Your Budget


When you set your bid in our system we promise we won’t charge you more … no matter what the outcome at the auction is.

To really grasp why this is important, you need to understand that bidding is an art: The skill of the bidder to get the car and to do so at the best price. Each button click is a bid — often against many competing bidders doing the same thing all round Japan.

Click too much or too fast … and you end up paying too much for the car.

Click too slowly or hold back … and you could lose the car to a rival.

Then things get really tight: Bidding gets right up near the top of the your budget range…. The pressure is on. To click … or not to click?

Sometimes several bidders may click all at the same time — and price appears to jump suddenly much farther than the normal bidding increments.

What do we do when we’re near your budget max?

  1. We could hold back … but then miss getting the car right at the top of your budget.
  2. We could bid … but then what if the price suddenly jumps and we’re suddenly over the limit of what you want to pay?

How the other guys leave you out of pocket …

So let me tell you how other exporters solve the problem (to their benefit):

“Hey, we got the car for you. Isn’t that great! The thing is, bidding was really tight
… and we just did that one extra click, but the price jumped. The thing is
we went 15,000 Yen over your budget. Sorry …. You don’t mind, do you?”

“You don’t mind?” Of course you mind! Sure you got the car, but they’ve just gone and eaten into your profit margin without even asking permission.

This may be how the other guys do it. But NOT how we do it at Integrity Exports.

How our “Never Over” 100% guarantee protects you …

This is how our Unique Guarantee #1 — Never Over works:

If we get the car under your budget … then this is exactly what we charge you (however cheap it is).

If we get the car right on your budget … this is exactly what we charge you.

If we get the car over your budget… then we charge you the max you were willing to payand WE pay the rest out of our own pockets.

Do you see how this works? You can’t lose. This is a cast-iron guarantee.

Here’s an example so you can really see how this benefits you. Let’s say you find a nice Toyota and ask us to bid up to 400,000 Yen auction price max. Now let’s imagine three different bidding outcomes:

Scenario 1 – We get the car for 343,000 Yen auction price. Yay! You’re 57,000 Yen under your budget. If you’ve done your sums right, that’s an extra 57,000 Yen profit for you.

Scenario 2 – We get the car for exactly 400,000 Yen auction price. Well, we are right on your budget limit, but again if you’ve done your sums right, you’re in profit.

Scenario 3 – We get the car for 412,000 Yen auction price. Oops. A little over there with the tough competition. But what do we charge you for the car — 412,000? No! You’re invoiced 400,000 Yen for the car and we cover that 12,000 Yen out of our own pockets.

I’m sure you’re getting it now: When you bid with us, you’re 100% certain that you’ll get the car for your budgeted max or less … never more.

But how do you know we’re charging you the real price for the car?

Good question! That brings us to our Unique Guarantee #2 — Actual Price … click here to learn more.

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