Unique Guarantee #2: “Prove It!”

This is how the “PROVE IT!” Guarantee works

1. We get a car at auction for you.

2. You ask us for the actual auction invoice like the one below:

Authentic original Japan car auction invoice sample

(Click auction invoice image to see details)

3. You can see right away that we haven’t overcharged you.

4. BUT if we’re slow getting the actual auction invoice to you … slower than 2 business days … you get a 10,000 Yen discount.

“PROVE IT” Guarantee … why should you care?

The cost of the car itself makes up one of the biggest parts of the final cost to you. So you want to be sure you’re not getting overcharged.

Be sure you aren’t getting scammed …

Because there are exporters out there who will scam you… and this is how they do it:

Let’s say they know you’ve got a budget of 500,000 Yen for the auction price of the car. They bid … and, hey, it’s their lucky day! They get the car for 400,000 Yen.

Oooh. That’s a 100,000 Yen saving for you as the customer. But these guys are crooked. And this is how their thinking goes:

Look, we just saved this guy 100,000 Yen. But, you know what? I’m sure he’d still be really happy even if we told him he saved 50,000 Yen. So this is what we’ll do: We’ll tell him we got it for 450,000, and then we’ll keep that extra 50,000 Yen as a little extra ‘bonus’ profit for us.”

The customer doesn’t know any better. He’s happy with that 50,000 Yen he thinks he’s saved. And the exporter’s laughing all the way to the bank.

(The guys who are most likely to be trying this kind of scam are the exporters who are offering the cheapest upfront fees. They’ll entice you in with supposedly “low” prices, but make more money off you through tricks like this.)

How our “PROVE IT” Guarantee protects you 100%

It’s really simple: When we get a car for you, we tell you the real auction price. Whether it’s right on your bid max — or hundreds of thousands of Yen below.

(And there are times when we do win cars for considerably less than the customer’s maximum bid.)

Then if you ever want to double-check our honesty, just ask us for a copy of the invoice from the auction. There you’ll see how much the auction is actually billing us for, right there on their own invoice. And if we don’t jump to it and get you that invoice right away, then after 2 business days have passed, go ahead and claim your 10,000 JPY discount.

We have nothing to hide and have NEVER had anyone even claim this discount!

And when you see that, you’ll be reminded again that it’s not coincidence that we’re called Integrity Exports. Integrity is the foundation of our business — which is why our customers are happy to partner with us and enjoy a stress-free and smooth experience of buying from Japan.

Want to know more about our other cast-iron guarantee — “Never Over”? You can learn more here.


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