Why Customers Choose Integrity Exports

It’s actually really simple …

We make buying from Japan’s car
auctions stress-free & smooth


So what do we do that keeps our customers free of stress and able to spend their time and energy on their own businesses?

Let’s look at some specifics:

  • Guaranteed never over budget: We bid right up to your max if needed, and if we go over — we pay the extra out of our own pockets.
  • Guaranteed accurate pricing: Make us prove we are honest by asking us for the actual Japanese car auction invoice to see the car price for yourself.
  • Great communication with a native English speaker takes the frustration out of dealing with a business in Japan.
  • Accurate auction sheet translation means you are not left wondering if that grade 4 car you are bidding on really is as good as it should be.
  • Email and phone responses in 24 hours or less on work days means no waiting wondering what is happening with a particular car or shipment.
  • Skype calling and screen sharing means you can quickly understand how to use the online system.
  • Quick booking of the most suitable ships means your vehicles get to them as soon as possible.
  • Only using top-class container loading companies who use their own patented steel brace technology all but eliminates the risk of damage to container-shipped vehicles.
  • The 24 / 7 online system means you can see exactly what is happening with cars and finances online from anywhere in the world.
  • Total integrity and transparency means no second-guessing about what is really going on in Japan.
  • A clear and simple pricing structure means that you know costs ahead of time with no nasty surprises later.
  • Our membership of industry association JUMVEA means you know you are dealing with a reputable supplier with an independent complaint process, should that be needed.

Are we the cheapest? No. Our prices are reasonable, but we are not the cheapest car exporters in Japan. If cheap is all you want and you don’t care about running risks, you need to look elsewhere.

But what our customers realize is that you can take penny pinching too far. Saving a thousand Yen here or there is nothing to what you can lose if your supplier is not trustworthy or professional. Our customers value our services because they know we are exceptional value for money. And that peace of mind alone makes dealing with Integrity Exports worthwhile.

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