Auction Sheet: Seller’s Comments

The seller’s objective is obviously to sell the vehicle. As such, he / she will write more details about the car. These are usually confined to an area that is specifically set aside for these positive comments. The seller may include information about aftermarket (AM) parts fitted to the car, whether it has had one owner or not, if it has relatively low mileage, information about service history etc.

However, sometimes they can be a little unscrupulous by writing a problem that the car has but then hiding it in amongst these positive sales points. So in among the plus points of “aftermarket navigation system” and “seat heaters”, you may suddenly come across, “front cross member dented” – also marked with a little star and followed by an exclamation point as if it were some sort of positive benefit.

An unobservant car exporter would miss this, but we are careful to ensure that we search out all the issues that the car has, wherever they may be mentioned and these little tricks do not get past us.

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