Japanese Car Auction Inspectors’ Reports

Vehicles in car auctions in Japan are inspected by qualified and trained inspectors. These inspectors are employed by the auction itself, and not by the seller. They make notes about the condition of the vehicle on the car auction sheet. Here is an example of one of these auction sheets below (click to enlarge):

The first thing you will notice is that you probably can’t read most of this as it is in Japanese. Well don’t worry about that as this is what we are here for. For any cars you have a serious interest in bidding on you can request a translation from a highly-qualified human translator.

Now, moving on, let’s have a look at other information you can see on the auction sheet:

(Click the links above to go to a detailed explanation of each.)

Once you have read through this information, why not test yourself to see how much you have learned? Take a look at the auction sheet on this page and then watch the video where I talk you through it and see if you understood it correctly.

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