Car Auction Grade 3.5

Japanese car auctions grade cars with a 3.5 grading for a variety of reasons. The most common ones would be:

  • High mileage (usually over 100,000 KM) and age.
  • If the car is too rough to be classified as a grade 4.
  • If the car has had internal damage, or if it has had repairs and replaced panels.

Please remember that grading is not an exact science: A grade 3.5 car might have been graded a 3 in another auction. On the other hand a different inspector at a different auction may have graded it as a 4.

This is why we at Integrity Exports always remind our customers only to use grades as a tool to drill down to the cars they may want to bid on. To really understand the condition of a car, you must have a translation of the auction sheet. This is why we have a professional auction report translation service to assist you make that final decision about whether to bid or not.

In the video below, I take you through two different cars that have both been graded 3.5. One is a higher mileage 11-year-old Honda, and the other is a low KM 4-year-old Toyota. Please watch the video in full screen mode as I walk you through the auction inspectors’ reports for these two cars.

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