Integrity Exports’ Services and Charges

What are Integrity Exports’ charges?

Unlike a number of our competitors, we try to keep our charging structure as simple as possible. After all, we want you also to have a stress-free and smooth experience buying cars from Japan, so the last thing we want is for you to be confused about what it will cost.

For our standard service, the FOB (Free On Board = all Japan-side costs, but not including the international shipping) is calculated as follows:

Auction price of the car

+ Internal transportation

+ Japan customs clearance charges

+ Our commission

The internal transportation means the cost of moving the car from the auction where it was acquired to the port it will leave from.

This cost depends on how close the auction and the port are, so it will typically range from 4,000 Yen to 40,000 Yen. However, an average charge for internal transportation is usually around 15,000 Yen. The customs broker and customs clearance charges depend on the port, but are typically 15,000 to 18,000 Yen.

Two Levels of Commission – Regular and Pre-paid

We have two levels of commission: You can choose to pay in advance (and get a cheaper commission rate) or buy on credit (and so pay a bit more in commission). As the customer, the choice is yours.

Pre-Paid Commission = 70,000 JPY per car

Regular Commission = 70,000 JPY plus 5% of auction price of car

So how do you qualify for the cheaper Pre-Paid Commission rate? Simple: Send payment in advance so that your account with us has enough money in it to at least cover the FOB price of the car you are buying, and make sure the car you get is under 1 million JPY auction price.

And if it doesn’t have enough in it? Then we will charge you the Regular Commission rate

The choice is yours.

Our commission covers a number of other charges that other companies bill out separately, so please do not get the idea that this is pure profit for us.

(If you’re not sure how to figure out Yen prices in your local currency, check out the video I made for you here.)

Here is an example of how we calculate the final FOB price

First of all, let’s be clear what “FOB price” means:

FOB price = the cost of the car + all Japan-side costs

Now, let’s see an example of how the FOB price is calculate for a car. First a Pre-Paid commission scenario, then a Regular commission rate scenario:

Pre-Paid Comission example

Let’s say you bid 500,000 Yen max on a particular car and we end up getting it for you for 465,000 Yen.

A week before the auction, you had already sent us funds and your account was + 800,000 JPY. This 800,000 Yen we have from you already is more than enough to cover the FOB cost of this car, and the auction price is 1 million JPY or less, so this car qualifies for the Pre-Paid commission rate.

Now, we will also say that for the auction that this car is in, to move the car to the port we are using for shipping to you will cost 15,000 Yen.

In the case of this car, the FOB cost for a standard export will work out like this:

Auction price of the car = 465,000 Yen

+ Internal transportation = 15,000 Yen

+ Customs clearance = 16,000 Yen

+ Our commission = 70,000 Yen

Total FOB = 566,000 Yen

Regular Commission example

We’re talking about the same car as the one in the above example. But this time on the day of the auction, your account balance with us was zero. As a result, your purchase would not qualify for the Pre-Paid Commission rate.

In the case of this car, the FOB cost for a standard export will work out like this:

Auction price of the car = 465,000 Yen

+ Internal transportation = 15,000 Yen

+ Customs clearance = 16,000 Yen

+ Our commission = (465,000 Yen * 5%) + 70,000 Yen = 93,000 Yen *

Total FOB = 589,000 Yen

(* Note that we round to the nearest thousand Yen)

As you can see, in this example, paying in advance has saved 23,000 JPY. And the more expensive the car, the more you will save by paying in advance.

For a car that is 2 million Yen at auction, for example, the Pre-Paid commission will save you 100,000 Yen over the Regular commission rate.

Cheaper Commission rates

The Pre-Paid commission rate is already a very cheap rate, especially considering the quality of service that keeps you safe from expensive mistakes and problems when buying.

Please do not contact us to ask about cheaper rates until:

  1. You have been buying from us for at least 3 months.
  2. You have been buying at least 15 cars per month consistently.
  3. You have had no issues with late payment.

What does the standard auction-to-export service cover?

First of all, you will have full access to our online car auction system to be look for the used cars that you want to bid on. You will have an experienced Integrity Exports’ person helping you at every step of the way, and you can pick their brains for information over Skype, the phone or email.

Once you have found one or more cars you are interested in, you can enter bids on those cars and also at that time you can ask for translations of the auction inspector’s reports (auction sheets) and they will be done to a high, professional standard.

Check the translations and then decide which bids to go ahead with – and remember we are ready to answer any questions you have along the way. Once you have confirmed which bids you are proceeding with, we then bid live on the cars to try to get them for the best possible price within the bidding budget you have given us.

Once a car is bought, we have it transported from the auction to the port. The previous owner will usually send us the documentation within a few days, which means that we then will be able to get on with deregistering the car and preparing paperwork for export. At this stage we will also start to look for a booking on a RORO ship. (We can do container shipping as well, but that is not included in the standard export service.)

A car will typically be able to leave on a ship between 10 days to 3 weeks after it has been bought at the auction, although this is in the hands of the shipping companies and their scheduling.

A few days after the car has left, we will receive the BL (Bill of Lading) from the shipping company. We will send you this BL along with the deregistration certificate (called massho in Japanese) along with its English translation, and a paper invoice.

In all of this, our primary goal is for you to have a stress-free and smooth experience buying cars from Japan’s car auctions.

Do you charge shipping?

This all depends on the shipping company’s policy. For many destinations, we can have the car shipped to you without us needing to pay anything as the shipping company the bills you directly.

However, this is not always possible. So, in this case we pay the shipping charges before the cars are loaded, and then we add this to our bill to you. This price which includes international shipping is called the CIF price.

If you would like a quote for current shipping prices, please send an email to Please include your country and  / or port in the email.

Do you provide any additional services?

The standard export service detailed above will cover the needs of the majority of customers. However, if these are not sufficient for you, please ask us about the following additional services and their pricing:

  • JEVIC certification for vehicles
  • QISJ certification for vehicles
  • Container loading and shipping
  • Odometer reading verification

Is the service you are looking for not mentioned on this list? Please contact us.

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